Pursue, Repent & Submit!

Ps.63:1O God, you are my God; I earnestly search for you. My soul thirsts for you; my whole body longs for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water.


Are you sincerely seeking God or you just want a god that you can control? God is not a talisman; He will not do your bidding. When God is not in control of you, what you have is an idol. When God does not determine how you live your life, what you have is an idol. You can be praying and getting results. The truth is you are the god, you are the one that will tell it what to do and it has to comply. But the God we serve is not a houseboy to any man. The God we serve is not subject to any man. He is God all by Himself. If He does not determine how you live your life, He is not your God. Jesus is committed to His church and He has taken His church through different phases. Jesus will help the church in Nigeria also [say Amen] in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

The first reason we kneel in God’s Presence is in pursuit. Secondly, we kneel in repentance. And thirdly we kneel in Submission. One thing I love about Nigeria is that we have a culture of respect, a culture of honour. A culture where the younger generation largely respects the older generation and still kind of reverence the elders. We have a culture where we give honour to whom honour is due. The Japanese also have a good culture of honor. After a business meeting, the Japanese bow to you in honour of the agreement that has transpired. The American child on the other hand is brought up to be rebellious. Their system trains them to be rebellious.

So what we have is huge. It is a culture of respect. I acknowledge that it is being eroded but there are still some glimpses of it and we need to nurture it. The Muslim spreads his mat and bows himself five times a day to his Allah. But the Christian is struggling to bow to the Almighty God. Something is wrong with that. You give honour to whom honour is due. Again, thank God for the Nigerian culture because it is a culture of submission. We see this spread across many tribes; we must cherish it, preserve it and nurture it.

Prayer[song]: With my hands lifted up, And my mouth filled with praise, With a heart of thanksgiving, I will bless Thee, O Lord. I will bless Thee, O Lord… Amen!

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