Myth Buster

Eph.4:16 “He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.” [emphasis added]


The myth that a lot of us have is, we are trying to create a balance and it is often tagged “Work-Family Balance.” Are you familiar with this? Just like the graphical illustration, you have work life and family life putting pressure on both sides of the scale with a fulcrum at the middle.

The myth is that you need to get a middle point where life (that is family and work)are actually at equilibrium pressure points. It’s as if when one is carrying a crate of eggs and you get out of balance, what happens to the crate of eggs? It falls! The truth is, there is nothing that creates stress as much as trying to find that balance.

What I am telling you today is that the balance is a myth. It does not exist perpetually – it is a lie. A balance seeks to find a central point where the force on the left and right can be at equilibrium, right? But when there is more pressure on one end, things get out of balance. When there is pressure at the office, the family suffers and then, the wife gets upset and opens fire; then work life suffers. Consequently, things are so out of balance that the man gets a query, so the scale is consistently tipping to the point of the most pressure.

What you should do instead of seeking “Work-Family Balance”, is to seek “Work-Family Integration.” What integration does not do is find a point of equilibrium, instead it makes the fulcrum flexible. So, when there is pressure on one end, the fulcrum moves to the point of the most pressure and there is equilibrium and balance is possible. When you have family life integration, your spouse stops competing and starts collaborating with your job.


Prayer: Lord Jesus, with You at the centre of my life, cause all aspects to fit together perfectly, each part helping the other grow healthy and full of love, in Jesus Name. Amen!


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