Hear His Voice

Mark 5:36 “But Jesus overheard them and said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.” (emphasis added).

This season, Jesus’ direct Words to us are Don’t Be Afraid, Just Have Faith. Please read Mark 5:21-43, it is our anchor scripture for the season. Hanging out with Jesus must have been frustrating for the disciples sometimes. Imagine walking amidst a crowd that is pushing and tugging then Jesus is asking who touched Him. But like Jesus, sometimes we must ignore people that cannot see what we can see. When you ask some questions and they do not get it, do not fight – just ignore them, they will eventually get it. I pray that this season you will hear God say to you, your faith has made you well, go in peace for your suffering is over, in the Name of Jesus. The word ‘overheard’ from today’s scripture reference actually means overheard and ignored them. In fact, other translations actually replace overheard with ignored. “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.”

You see life is not a straight line. Sometimes life throws us curve balls, things we do not expect. We expect things to play out one way, but things take a totally different direction. In life, things happen that challenge our faith and throw us off balance. The same year that the woman’s problem started (twelve years ago), was the same year that Jairus had a daughter. Trouble started in one person’s life, but joy started in another person’s life. God knows that the world we live in is not perfect. Things are going to happen that will baffle you, shock you even. Every time we have a challenge, every time we have a problem, it is an opportunity to trust God. Every single test you and I have is an opportunity to trust God. Sometimes these tests are not trivial but every single one is an opportunity for getting close to God or pushing away from Him.

Every test we face gives us one of two choices – draw close to God or pull away from God. God wants you and I to use every opportunity to get close to Him and not to pull away from Him. So, what is it going to be in that challenge you are facing, is it going to draw you closer to God or is it going to make you pull away? When we look at the lives of these people, Jairus and the woman that was bleeding, one thing is clear – none of them had a relationship with God. This is counter-cultural in the religious Christian culture. None of them had a relationship with Jesus but Jesus answered their prayers. Truth is, you do not have to have a relationship with Jesus for Him to answer your prayers. Read your Bible!

Prayer: Father, let every test I am facing build and strengthen my worship, my fellowship, my character, and my relationships, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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