Psalm 139:14 (VOICE) “I will offer You my grateful heart, for I am Your unique creation, filled with wonder and awe. You have approached even the smallest details with excellence; Your works are wonderful; I carry this knowledge deep within my soul.”


I discovered very early in life that life is not a straight line. I also discovered that life is an inconsistent rhythm. I play music; the first thing every musician wants to do is to establish the rhythm or connect to the existing rhythm regardless of the instrument. As you live, you will also discover that life is not a consistent rhythm. It may start with four beats but before you know it, it changes to three beats. And just when you are adjusting, change happens again so you have to keep changing. In other words, life is not sung on a particular key, there are modulations consistently happening.  It may start on key C, then modulate to D, modulate again to B flat, and then to F sharp. So, if you are stuck in a wrought, insisting that things must happen in a certain way, you are going to have a lot of challenges. You need to accept your uniqueness.

If I were to describe ministry with two words, it would be “gloriously messy”. Ministry can be pretty-messy, but it is also hugely glorious. I do not know how God combines both but honestly, that is mostly the story of my life too – gloriously messy. I do not know about your life but if you check, you most likely would find some mess and some glory too. God puts us on a unique path that is not perfect; the imperfections are not from God but because the world is broken. Therefore, you must accept your uniqueness. Your spiritual growth will not look like my spiritual growth. There will be principles that will cut across based on God’s Word. Your journey will be different from my journey and my story will be different from your story. 

I have peace because I have accepted and embraced my journey and because of this I do not worry. You need to accept and embrace your journey. Some men feel that men not being allowed to get pregnant is injustice. Funny right? So, they go through all sorts of medical procedures because they want to carry a baby and feel the joy that the women feel. Excuse me, be a man if you are a man. Some women want nothing to do with the menstrual cycle. Why does this thing have to happen every single month? Why can’t men have menstrual cycles too? Embrace it, you are a woman for crying out loud. 

The problem is, when you do not embrace who you are, embrace who God has made you to be, or embrace the path you are on, you will feel you are missing out on something. You will keep feeling that something is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with you – nothing! Our paths are not going to look the same, God’s process for each of us is unique – UNIQUE. I know it is mysterious, sometimes unbelievable, and unpredictable many times. But it is unique, so you have to accept your unique process otherwise you will feel like a constant failure.

Prayer: Father, I will offer You my grateful heart, for I am Your unique creation, filled with wonder and awe. I choose to accept and embrace my unique path, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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