Turn Around

Isa.61:2 He has sent me to tell those who mourn that the time of the Lord’s favor has come, and with it, the day of God’s anger against their enemies.” (emphasis added).

We will start today’s devotional with the final thoughts from yesterday. God is replacing every ash on the head with a crown of beauty. But God does not just stop at the head alone. He gives us the oil of joy instead of mourning. The oil of joy takes care of every form of mourning. The oil of joy takes care of crying. Everyone that has been crying up until now, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your turn around has begun already. A garment of praise, instead of the spirit of heaviness. Just by looking at someone, you can tell the spirit that the person is with. If the person has the spirit of joy or if the person has the spirit of heaviness or depression. For everyone reading this and is suffering from depression, God will take that garment away from you and give you a garment of praise, in the Name of Jesus [say Amen]. You will notice that I have just been making declarations; that is my job, that is what I have been sent to do. This season is heavy on action, so receive all that God is declaring over you. Say Amen!

Ashes are proof of a negative progression. When you see ashes, or when the Bible talks about ashes, it is proof of a negative progression. Remember the valley of dry bones [Ezekiel 37], before they became dry bones, they were a great army. People can start from being great, then progress to being not so great but healthy, to being sick, to being very sick, to actually dying. You will think it will end when someone dies but it does not, decay continues until all the flesh is gone. And they tell us that depending on where the body is buried, it can take up to eight thousand years for the bone to become ashes.

Whenever you see ashes, there is a story behind it. Wherever you see ashes, greatness has previously been destined [or pre-destined], but the enemy has done this. However, today there is going to be a reversal, a glorious turn around in Jesus Mighty Name. Ashes to dry bones, dry bones to wet bones, wet bones to the dead, the dead to Lazarus coming alive, then coming alive to being an exceedingly great person for God. If you received that, shout hallelujah. The turnaround is going to start from your life because beauty for ashes means a glorious turn around.  And because of this glorious turnaround, the song on your lips will be; I can see everything turning around, turning around, turning around, for my good. And so shall it be.

One of the things the enemy uses in accelerating the process of destruction is fire. If you take a tree into the fire, it becomes ashes eventually. To cremate a human body, they say the furnace is heated up to about two thousand degrees for two hours, then the bones are crushed into ashes. The enemy uses heat and negative fire. However, God has sent me to declare over you that every negative fire sent into your life has come to an end today. Every negative fire that has operated in your family will be consumed by the fire of the Holy Spirit, in the Name of Jesus.

Prayer [song]: I can see everything turning around (3x), for my good. Amen!

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