Ps. 119:71 “My troubles turned out all for the best— they forced me to learn from your textbook.” (MSG)

We are loved, we are blessed, we are unique, we are anointed, but we are not entitled. Nobody owes us anything. Nobody owes you anything. When we look at the nature of entitlement, there is a general entitlement, which is like in people’s DNA. There are people; it is as though they are wired with entitlement. They enter a place and feel that they should be treated specially and wrong teaching reinforces that entitlement mind set. I am the king’s kid; I should be treated specially. No, you should not be except you have earned it. It does not matter who you are, a big man of God, a small man of God, an assistant man of God. You are not entitled.

A man of God was to minister in some church, when he arrived at the airport, they went to pick him up with a mini, a car similar to the Picanto. When he got out of the airport, he refused to enter the car, he said it was too small for his anointing. This is not a joke; it is a real-life story. We are not entitled to anything. If you feel entitled, you cannot be grateful for favour. When God favours you, you would not be grateful because you feel you are entitled to it. You will be favoured in Jesus’ Name, but you are not entitled to it. So, what is the cure to entitlement? It is simple and this may shock you but the cure to entitlement is Living Life The Hard Way. Take the story of the man of God at the airport that refused to enter the mini. God was trying to cure him of entitlement. He should have gotten into the car even if it had no cooling and gone through the hard way. Then he would have gotten delivered of his entitlement.

What is the hard way? The hard way is the habit of doing what is best rather than what is easy. The people that are happy and successful are the people that have chosen what is best over what is easy. Successful people do not take shortcuts, they run into hard things. Life always presents us with a choice and when we have to choose, there is an easy way and there is the best way. The best way is hard, but it leads to success. What people that take the easy way discover is that the easy way is even harder. So, you can take the hard way or the harder way. Guess what? The harder way leads nowhere, they still have to come back and do the hard thing before they can register success. When we understand this, we are motivated to do what is best and not what is easy, at all times. What are these habits of choosing what is best over what is easy?  We will get into it tomorrow.

Prayer: Father, I ask for the grace and the wisdom to choose the best way over the easy way and follow through habitually, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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