Step One

Luke 9:13 “But Jesus said, “You feed them…” “But we have only five loaves of bread and two fish,” they answered. “Or are you expecting us to go and buy enough food for this whole crowd?” (emphasis added).

This scripture is very personal to me, and I will share why. But first, let me remind you that all you need to fulfil your destiny is with you and in you already, even right now. When God’s Favourite House started, we were just a handful of people passionate for God, fired up with a vision. And our vision is always bigger than our budget, it still is. We were considering writing letters to our friends in and out of ministry that were doing well so that they can contribute money. But I felt God saying no and He reminded me of the lesson He taught me years ago when I was in the first church I pastored. He said, ‘Everything you need is right here’. That Sunday in church, I was looking at everyone in church wondering, ‘who are they?’

I could not see it with my physical eyes, but I believed it in my spirit that the people I was looking at, including myself, have or will have the money in our pockets. So, we shared the vision for what we were going to do, it sounded crazy. But looking back, has God not done it? And there are still many great things that we are going to do that will sound crazy, but God will do it. Starting small is not the problem. If What you have is small, it is not the issue. A popular Jewish saying states that ‘There is no shame attached to starting poor but remaining that way is a different story.’ There is no shame in starting poor or starting small, but you will not remain poor, you will not remain small in the Name of Jesus. When we drill further into Luke 9:12-17, the story of Jesus taking seemingly limited resources and multiplying them until there was abundance, we see that one thing Jesus knew is that God is a God of abundance. You need to know that God is a God of abundance, and He is not delighted in your lack. Some people think that God needs them to be in lack so they can be humble. Please have you not been humble enough?

Honestly, some of the most humble people I know today are some of the wealthiest people. And some of the most arrogant people I know today do not have anything, but they are still arrogant. Do not bite that bait. Jesus knew God is a God of abundance and He embraced it. You have to embrace it. We are going to learn four things from Jesus from the story in Luke 9:12-17 [please read]. To multiply, the first thing we have to do and see Jesus do is that we have to organize. Before you can multiply, you have to organize. Luke 9:14 “…Jesus replied, “Tell them to sit down in groups of about fifty each.” (emphasis added). Imagine what it would be like for twelve people to organize twenty thousand people in groups of fifty. While Jesus was teaching, it is possible that the people did not even realize that they were hungry. The disciples interrupted Jesus’ sermon and now they had hungry angry people to organize to sit in groups of fifty. It was a lot of work, a daunting task. You cannot begin to multiply until you organize.

Prayer: Father, as I follow Your leading and organize, I ask for grace and strength to begin, follow through and finish, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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