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Proverbs 13:11 “Money that comes easily disappears quickly, but money that is gathered little by little will grow.” (NCV, emphasis added).


The third law of financial traction is The Law of Investing: SAVE MONEY WISELY. I will be using the terms save and invest loosely because you need to save and accumulate money before you can invest money really. Some people will argue that in saving we lose value. But save because you cannot take an investment opportunity if you do not have savings. John D Rockefeller, the Bill Gates, or the Jeff Bezos of his time, said ‘I tithe ten percent (10%), I save ten percent (10%), then I live on eighty percent (80%).’ It is called the ten-ten-eighty rule. If you say you cannot afford to save, then it means that you are overspending your income.

Regardless of how much you earn, you should save because it is a principle of heaven. If you do not save, you are abusing this law and you cannot be financially free. But how can I save when the money is not even enough? Listen, save and God will stretch the rest. That is how God works. Build the habit of saving. In fact, one of God’s IQ tests in the scriptures is, how well you can save determines how high or low your IQ is. And it is stated in Proverbs 21:20The wise man saves for the future, but the foolish man spends whatever he gets.” (LB, emphasis added).

Someone said, ‘if you are unable to retain wealth then the seed of greatness is not in you’. Boom! If you are unable to save, the seed of greatness is not in you. The first step to retaining wealth is not to spend all you earn. Save! ‘The capacity to save is proof that you have a seed of greatness in you’, so the person said. Ecclesiastes 11:2Invest what you have in several different businesses, divide your investments among many places, because you don’t know what disasters might happen, you do not know what risks might lie ahead.” (NCV & NLT). In modern day, this is known as diversifying your portfolio – big grammar! Solomon had told us these thousands of years ago.

So, the next time you get a promotion, the next time you get a breakthrough, the next time you get an increase, do not go out and buy a new car. Take the money and invest it—save it. You just got a big breakthrough, do not throw a party because you will not have thrown the party if the money had not come. Just calm down! Do not change your lifestyle, continue to wear your T-shirt and your jeans. You will be okay. Learn to retain wealth, to gather your finances little by little. It is not the amount you save that matters, it is the consistency of your saving. Just keep saving, be consistent and you will be shocked at what God will do with it over time.


Prayer: Father, the capacity, the discipline, and the wisdom to retain wealth, give unto me, in the Name Jesus. Amen!

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