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The second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than these.” Mark 12:31 [emphasis added].


God wants you to help the people in your relationships become all that they can be. So stop pulling them down. Stop it, because that is the crab mentality. Do not be a crab! They say you can put ten crabs in a basket and not have to worry about covering the basket. And the reason is when one crab tries to climb up and escape, the other crabs pull it down. And no crab escapes or is ever able to climb up successfully because the others keep pulling it down. You need to get out of the crab mentality and stop pulling people down. Stop it because it is in lifting up that you become all that God has for you.

I will share a personal experience with you. The eighth of June marked eleven years since my wife and I began pastoring. And one thing about pastoring and God anointing you, is that people always want to have what you have. And it is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it is a very good thing. But earlier on, I used to struggle with it because my mind-set was, I cannot give you what I have. One day, a man came to ask me for some “information” and I struggled with telling him. But I overcame the flesh and I told him. After he left my office, God said something I had never heard before. God said, every time you share what I have given you, I give you four times more. I was like, wow! Every time?

So guess what I do now? I do not miss opportunities to share. A man of God came to me after attending one of our God Will Do It Again services and said, ‘the oil at your special service is not just any kind of oil, it is anointed. Tell me how you prepare the oil’. And I remembered “…every time I multiply it by four”, so I told him how I prepare the oil. And as he stepped out of my office, true to His Word, the Holy Spirit showed me a higher level. He said, now, this is how you will be preparing the oil.

It is the smallness of your mind that makes you think you have to take away from somebody to become great. The only person that needs to die for you to fulfill your destiny, died over two thousand years ago and His name is Jesus. You must have a healthy self-esteem. So, now you know why I am passionate about teaching.


Thought: A full vessel cannot receive new oil.


Prayer: Holy Spirit, I connect to this promise by faith in Christ Jesus even as I become deliberate about sharing the things that You teach me, in Jesus Name.

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