Joy Unstoppable

John 15:10 “When you obey my commandments, you remain in my love, just as I obey my Father’s commandments and remain in his love”

God says rejoice but you have to choose to rejoice. There are two dimensions to this command – there is the prophetic dimension and there is the instructional dimension.
The Instructional Dimension: I have discovered that there is nothing better than rejoicing. There is nothing stronger than joy. In fact, joy is such a strong force. It is unstoppable. God is giving you a life- long instruction and that is to rejoice – it is a command. When people question your rejoicing, tell them you are obeying God because God has commanded you to rejoice.

Your rejoicing will not make sense particularly to people around you – your colleague at work for instance. But when anybody questions you, when your family members question you, or your neighbor questions you, tell them you are obeying God. Imagine having a flat tyre on your way to a business meeting and people find you singing. Joy and a flat tire do not go together. People will expect you to be grumpy. Say to them that God has commanded me to rejoice. Guess what? You are not just obeying this command because you are crazy but because God is your priority.

A lot of people pray for God to bless them. While that is a legitimate prayer, it is important to understand that you are already blessed. So you are not trying to attain the blessings. You are manifesting Gods blessings upon your life. There is a huge difference. When you obey God and you rejoice this year, you will discover that joy is an unstoppable force. Joy crushes everything and triumphs no matter how things may appear in the physical.

Rejoice, no matter what the exchange rate is. This year will be your wealthiest year thus far, in Jesus Name. When men are saying there is a casting down, you will declare a lifting up. And it is because the force of joy breaks things that people are complaining about and delivers it to you easily. Regardless of the economic situation people still build houses, people still buy brand new cars, people still do whatever they want. Rejoice because God has never determined how He blesses people by the economy of the world – not once!

Prayer: This is the day that my Father, my God, My Rock, my Salvation, The Glory and Lifter of my head, my Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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