Good Works

Rom.13: 6 “…government workers need to be paid. They are serving God in what they do. Give to everyone what you owe them: Pay your taxes and government fees to those who collect them, and give respect and honor to those who are in authority.”


What are you contributing to this nation –Nigeria or whatever nation you originate from? It is not enough to point hands or speak angrily at the leadership in this country,

you have to ask yourself the tough question – what are you actually contributing? Are you contributing to the corruption in the nation?Some people say they are not in government and they are not stealing the wealth of the nation but nothing passes through their office without them taking their “own share”. Who told you that you have a share in it?

Is your contribution chaos on the roads? Are you the one that breaks away from the order on the road to create your own road or drive against oncoming traffic? You cannot continue to claim that you are late and so that is justification for bad behaviour. You are robbing the roads of order and that is stealing. If you need to arrive on time, then get up early. You have taken that route for a while now so you can estimate how much time you really need. Wake up early and hit the road early – that is the straight and narrow.

What is your contribution to the next generation of Nigerians? Surely your focus cannot just be on how to enrich your own pocket at the detriment of your seed. Some people all in the name of getting ahead, are teaching young people all sorts of get rich schemes. Was that what you were taught? Even if that is what you were taught, but now you know better. There is dignity in labour. There is a reward for starting little and growing things. What are you teaching your children if you consistently use your influence to make a way for them?

Watch God’s order – the baby does not just walk as soon as he imagines it. It takes time and consistent effort. A lot of us have it that it is the battles that we fought that have made us who we are today. But you are now shielding your children from developing their own muscles. Yes, it is normal to want to protect them but some battles are necessary. Look at how battles shaped David. Solomon did not have battles to fight and he ended up serving the gods of his wives. Teach your children to fight their battles with God and let them develop alright. It is in our contribution that we find fulfilment in our nation and not in the government.


Prayer: Holy Spirit, please take me by the hand and lead me steadily along the path of righteousness for Your Name sake, in Jesus Name. Amen!


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