Mount Zion

Heb.12:18 “You have not come to a physical mountain… 22 No, you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to countless thousands of angels in a joyful gathering.”


I welcome you into the Presence of God today. You need to know that you have not just come to a physical place to just mark a register or to appease a religious conscience.

 Let this consciousness be in you; you have come to experience seven different things that we will be looking at over the next couple of days.

#1. You have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the Living God. This is huge. When you step into your meeting place with God, you have not just walked into a room. Yes, it is a room but beyond that, when you come and say, “Jesus must be honoured in my life everyday!” God says you have come to the city of the Living God –boom! It is a mystery, a miracle. It can only be experienced. When you step into a Worship Experience, it is more than just a physical place. It is Mount Zion, the city of the Living God.

#2. In this city, you have come to an innumerable company of angels in a joyful gathering. When we show up in the city of the Living God, we are not alone. We are surrounded by angels. There are angels around you right now and I am sure you know that. A lot of us and many of our children have seen them. A lady was having Bible story time with her daughter and the Bible story touched on angels. So, she thought to seize the opportunity to tell her daughter about angels. The girl did not seem surprised and she was curious to know why.

“Have you ever seen angels?” The girl says of course!” “You have?” the mother exclaimed, “Where?” And the little girl said, “In church when pastor is preaching, there are angels on his right and on his left walking around with him.” And she began to describe them and then she asked her mother, “Don’t you see them?” The mother rushed down to see and to tell me what had happened. The truth is that if what we are doing is just motivational speaking, then we are of all men most miserable. It irritates me when pastors reduce themselves to motivational speakers. And for most of such pastors, it is because they have lost touch of the supernatural. The supernatural is what separates us from the world.


Prayer: Holy Spirit, I pray that this consciousness will always be in me, that I have come to Mount Zion, the city of the Living God and to innumerable angels, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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