Holy Place Not Hospital

Matt.6:33 (GNT) “Instead, be concerned above everything else with the Kingdom of God and with what he requires of you, and he will provide you with all these other things.”

God is not a vending machine. God cannot be used. God is God all by Himself. We have to realize that even though He has made provisions for us to ask, it is important for us to understand how to operate it. For a lot of people, the statement your prayer is making in heaven is that you want to use God and it is because we do not recognize God as God. However, except God is recognized as God, you are going to have problems with God. You will discover very quickly that God is not your errand boy. Simply put, you are going to struggle if you do not accept that God is God.

Some people do not want to embrace God for who He is because of the perceived price required. So, a lot of people are running around looking for a discounted or cheap god. When I get the opportunity or the privilege, there is a certain sports shop I prefer to buy things from. On a normal day, even though they have a lot of quality things the shop is usually not crowded. Then one day as I was approaching the store, I noticed that it was really crowded. Where did all these people, who are now frustrating the regular customers, come from? But as I moved closer I saw that the store was actually shutting down and everything was on sale, so the place was packed. My thoughts were, human beings, where were these people when the store needed customers?

Sometimes, that is how we are with God. When we see the full price, we run away. We go to other “stores” where we can get things at half price or on sale. God on sale; just bring holy water and splash it everywhere, you do not need to concern yourself with obeying Him. God at a discount, obedience has been taken off the price list. That is the herbalist mentality inherited from our fore-fathers, you only go to God when you have a problem. A lot of people treat their relationship with God like it is a hospital; no one goes to the hospital when they are feeling well. Not many people send thank you cards or messages to their doctors after receiving treatment, even though those doctors labored over them.

People just want results from God, but they are not interested in having a relationship with God. What do you want? The sad reality is, that is how a lot of us relate with God. If you walk with God like that, you are going to experience a lot of challenges. When you accept God for who He is, then you will see God as He is – strong and mighty, mighty in battle.

Prayer [song]: …You are my desire, no one else will do. ‘Cause nothing else can take Your place, to feel the warmth of Your embrace. Help me find the way. Bring me back to You. You are all I want. You are all I’ve ever needed. You are all I want. Help me know You are near. Amen!

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