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1 Kings 3:9 “Give me an understanding heart so that I can govern your people well and know the difference between right and wrong. For who by himself is able to govern this great people of yours?”

There are implications when God says, “ask of Me”, the implication is focus, change your focus [Jer.17:5-8 please read]. Ask of Me means look at me, keep your eyes on Me. Ask of me means you have to be humble because asking puts you in a place of humility. When you ask something of someone it humbles you, that is probably why the lady from our story yesterday did not want the guide. When we come to God asking of Him, we need to humble our hearts because if we exalt ourselves, God would find a way to humble us. But if we humble ourselves, God will find a way to exalt us.

God enjoys being in a class all by Himself. Isa.43:11 I, yes I, am the Lord, and there is no other Savior. 12 First I predicted your rescue, then I saved you and proclaimed it to the world. No foreign god has ever done this.  You are witnesses that I am the only God,” says the Lord.” When you read that, it seems like God is bragging. He is worthy! It is like when some announces that they will beat you up, do you remember that from your childhood days? They actually go ahead and beat you right? God is announcing that He is going to deliver you from that sickness. Then He will announce your deliverance to everyone because He is God. I pray that God will use your life to showcase His class in Jesus Mighty Name. Now say out loud, ‘Father, use my life to showcase Your class’. Amen

Do not place a limit on God. We should be content, and I am all for contentment. You can be content with what you have but you should not be content with who you are. You should desire to be more for God and that is where I am actually going. We should also desire to be more for God. So, when He says ask of me, we are not asking just to get more from God, we are asking to be more for God. When God says ask, it is not a jackpot – it is bigger than that.  It is not – get all you can, sit on the can, and can the rest. It is bigger than that. We are not just asking to get more from God, we are asking to be more for God.

If you desire a child, you are going to get a child in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Hannah asked for a son to be a prophet for God. [1 Samuel 1:11]. Hannah asked for a son so that she can be more for God. God is going to give you wisdom, wealth, and victory over your enemies in the Name of Jesus. Solomon asked for wisdom so that he can govern God’s people [1 Kings 3:1-15].

Prayer: Father, let Your Kingdom come and let Your will be done in my life, let all that I am and I have be used for Your glory and Your heart, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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