Unwavering Hope

Isa.54:10 (GN)The mountains and hills may crumble but My love for you will never end, so says the Lord who loves you.”

For us to live a life of gratitude, we must experience Freedom From The Pessimism Of Tomorrow. People become pessimistic when they do not know their purpose in life. God created you for a purpose; unfortunately, a lot of people are living life without discovering a relationship with God and without the purpose for their existence. For such people waking up in the morning is an uphill task. They spend their waking hours wishing the nights could be extended. There is no excitement about the new day because they have no purpose.

This is why God’s Favourite House exits; to connect people that are far from God to a relationship with God and to help them find their purpose in God. Our vision is to be filled with the life of Christ Jesus [that is having a relationship with God] and released into our destinies [that is being deployed into your purposes in God] and taking the world for Him. This is so important because if you do not know your purpose in life, life seems pointless. If you do not know your purpose in a marriage, that marriage can seem pointless. If you do not know your purpose in a marriage, you would think your wife is a punching bag or that your husband is an ATM.

Have you wondered what God thinks about you or if He thinks about you? The truth is God thinks about you and He is not thinking about the bad things you have done. I will show you what God thinks about you: Jer.29:11 (NCV)I know what I am planning for you,” says the Lord, “I have good plans for you, not plans to hurt you. I will give you hope and a good future.” You need a hope and a purpose for living. They say you can go forty days without food, three days without water, and eight minutes without air. But you cannot go one second without hope, hope in Christ. The moment you lose hope, you are no longer living, you are just existing. God wants you to live, not just exist. When life happens, where is your rock? Ps.125:1 (TLB)Those who trust in the Lord are as steady as Mount Zion, unmoved by any circumstance.”

No matter what happens, you can count on this, God loves you. You were made to be loved by God, stop running from God. Jesus is not coming for people that are wishing and hoping they will make heaven. Jesus is coming for citizens of heaven here on earth. Allow God to heal you from the pain of the past. Allow God to take control of the pressure of the present. Allow Jesus to take charge of the pessimism of the future. When you do this, you will overflow with thanksgiving consistently.

Prayer: Father, heal me from the pain of the past, take control of my present, and take charge of my future for I trust in You, my Rock who loves me, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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