Courage 2.0

Heb.11:34 “quenched the flames of fire, and escaped death by the edge of the sword. Their weakness was turned to strength. They became strong in battle and put whole armies to flight.”


David displayed the courage to obey his father and secondly, David displayed the courage to face the ‘Eliabs’. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world, the culture subjugates younger people. They think young people do nothave a voice or they think young people are dumb. They are not dumb; they have a brain; in fact, they are more intelligent than the older generation. The younger generation has a contribution. In some cultures, when the elder has spoken, the matter is sealed. Do not live your life like that. I am not saying that the younger ones should be disrespectful. But have the courage to face the Eliabs.

Thirdly, David displayed the courage to face the “Sauls”. The “Sauls” are the people in authority. For some of us reading this today, God is going to give us a solution this year that will make us stand before presidents of nations. They will tell you the solution cannot work, and you will tell them that it will work, and it will work in the Name of Jesus and so shall it be. The “Sauls” are those that are in authority, it takes courage to stand before them and still stand your ground. They will try to give you their armor and try to give you their strategies. But if their strategies had worked, we would not still be where we are. They will try to tell you how things are done. If you fall for it, you will become irrelevant to the things of God and to the move of God.

They said to David, “wear this suit, wear this armor, wear this…” but David said, “No, the lion came and by God I killed it. I have not proved this suit.” It takes courage to say, ‘No’ like Daniel did when a king invited him to eat a delicacy at his table. It takes courage to say no. It took courage for David to say he was not going to wear king Saul’s armor. The armor was probably made of gold and it was probably very beautiful. It was the king’s armory; what an honor. But David said, “I have not tried it.” If all you have tried and has worked for you, is the Name of Jesus, then hold on to it. If all you have tried is “at the Name of JESUS every knee bows”. Then you get to a place where they suggest that you are a ‘Big Boy’ so do not use the Name of Jesus so much. My advice is, hold on to the Name of Jesus, it will take you places.

David displayed the courage to face Goliath. As you display courage this year, you will have New-Streams of Power, of Wisdom, of Influence, of Anointing, and New-Streams of the raw unction of the Holy Spirit in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Expect New-Streams of Life. Please read Eze.47:8-9. The New-Streams of life that will flow and is flowing in your life, will bring life wherever it flows in Jesus Name. New-Streams will flow in you. New-Streams will flow through you. New-Streams will flow in your life, in your finances, in your home, in your health. In your walk with God – New-Streams, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.


Prayer:  Father, according to Your Word, New-Streams will flow in me and New-Streams will flow through me, in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!

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