Josh.21:45 Not a single one of all the good promises the Lord had given to the family of Israel was left unfulfilled; everything he had spoken came true.


Yesterday, we learned that Hebron is a place where we relate with people, not on the basis of what they do for us but, in recognition of God’s work in bringing us together. The place of Hebron is the place of the New-Streams. Yesterday, we concluded by saying we must trash the “me, myself, and I” mindset. The “I just want to pay school fees and pay rent” way of thinking. How can you just exist to pay school fees, pay rent, and die?

There must be more. God is bringing us into the place of New-Streams to realize that the people He is bringing into our lives are not necessarily people that we like. In other words, we cannot base divine connections on who we like or do not like. There are people that you may not like right now, but you will later.

God is saying to you and I, “I want to give you Hebron, a walled city, a city that is filled with giants. You did not build it, but I am giving it to you.” And our response to the Lord is, “Bring-It-On!”; and that is the spirit of Caleb. Caleb was eighty-five but he said, ‘bring on the giants’. He said, ‘bring on all the things that God has for me. Bring-It-On!’ Please read Joshua 14:6-12; from this passage of scripture, there are two things that Caleb said to the Lord and to Joshua. The first thing Caleb said is, Bring On The Promises Of God. Bring-It-On! The question is, can you stand to be blessed? Many people cannot stand to be blessed. They apologize for God’s blessings in their lives. They cannot even wear God’s promotion. God promoted you and you are looking for ways to hide it?

Years ago, I was speaking to one of my daughters that was getting back to back promotions and she was single at the time. She was being offered a brand-new SUV, but she did not want to take it. She was concerned that if she is riding in such an expensive car,  no man would want to marry her. I said, “Exactly! Your own husband will marry you. By the time you are driving an SUV, you would have eliminated some mediocre men. You need someone that has the capacity.”  But today, all that is history, she is married. Sometimes, we think we need to tone down God’s blessings. Never again; your response from today is, Bring-It-On!

When it comes to material things, it is neither here nor there for me. By God’s grace, I am far from materialistic. I see money as a tool to do God’s work. I have also never criticized pastors that have private jets. I have not said I do not want one and this is not me soliciting for one. Even my car is just a regular car. But an event happened in my life some time ago that made me realize that I need a private jet. I am not saying I am getting one or that I can afford one. If God had blessed me with a private jet months before that event, I would have given it out. If He blesses me with one now, I will lease it out. I can recall it anytime I need it. Do not get me wrong, I may never have a private jet, that is not an objective. I am just saying that I am not afraid of it.


Prayer: Father, I repent for every time I have knowingly or unknowingly tried to hide Your blessings in my life. Bring on Your promises Lord, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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