John 2:4-5 “Dear woman, that’s not our problem,” Jesus replied. “My time has not yet come.” But his mother told the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” (emphasis added).

When you have power with God you can influence heaven and things will change. Mary knew she had power with God and she influenced heaven, not for herself but for people who had no clue and this is big. I pray that God will bring into your life people that will fight your cause even without you knowing in the Mighty Name of Jesus. I pray that God will use you as a voice to intercede for people when they cannot speak for themselves. I pray that God will use you to defend people that cannot defend themselves. I pray that God will use you to solve problems for people, problems that they do not even know they have, problems they do not know you can solve. I pray that God will use you, in the Name of Jesus.

There is obviously a time for everything; Jesus knew His time had not yet come. All our lives are on a divine schedule, a divine timetable. You are not late! Some of your friends graduated before you, some got married before you, and some had children before you. But you are not late at all. Among my peers, things may have played out for me differently. But I am not late – I am on a divine schedule. We must realize that there is a time for everything. However, even though there is a time for everything, you can change the timing of things if you have influence in heaven. You can change the ordinances of things that have been set. The key thing is influence. You can go in and change it and refute things that have been set and it will be so.

Was Jesus lying when He said His time had not yet come? Not at all. So, how did it suddenly become His time? It is because Mary birthed the time and the time came. The same Jesus that had said it was not His time, performed the miracle of turning water into wine. I hope you understand this. There are things that you can change, and it would be as you have said it. It is good to have power with God. When you have power with God it is a humbling thing and it is a powerful thing. Humbling and powerful. Jacob wrestled with God to the point that God said, “What do you want? Since you have wrestled with men and with God and prevailed; you have power with God.” [Genesis 32 paraphrased]. It is a good thing to have power with God.

Job was righteous, rich, and powerful and even though he was a spiritual man, Job did not have power with God. At a point, job lamented, “I wish there was someone that can plead my case.” If you do not have power with God, it is good to have friends who have power with God. But everybody should have power with God and I pray you will in Jesus Name [say Amen]. Joseph had a dream; he saw eleven sheaves bow to him. He had another dream where he saw the sun and the moon, and eleven stars bow to him. Israel said, “Does that mean I will bow to you?” and Israel changed it. If you read Genesis 49 – 50, Israel was the only one who did not bow, every other person bowed to Joseph. Certain things may be set but you can get in and change it.

Prayer: Father, because of the sacrifice of Jesus, I have power with God, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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