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Set Time!

Rev. 10:6 “He swore an oath in the name of the one who lives forever and ever, who created the heavens and everything in them, the earth and everything in it, and the sea and everything in it. He said, “There will be no more delay”

Isa.61:1 The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me…” (emphasis added). The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon you [say Amen]. The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord; sovereign means  God does not need permission from anyone to promote you and no one can query Him. Read the rest of this entry

Mercy & Help

Isaiah 41:10 “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.”

God can help you. In fact, God wants to help you and God wants to be with you. So, we move from, Can God help me? to God can help me, and then because we are convinced that God can help us, we move to, “God must help me”. Read the rest of this entry

The New, The Overflow

Luke 5:37-38 “And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. For the new wine would burst the wineskins, spilling the wine and ruining the skins. New wine must be stored in new wineskins.”

Get excited because God is taking away ‘The Old’ in order to establish ‘The New’. God is on your side and God is all that you need. For someone today, God Himself is giving you a new name. The Lord God is giving you a new name. Read the rest of this entry

Lord of All!

Matt.16:18 “Now I say to you that you are Peter (which means ‘rock’), and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.”

The journey we have been on as a church has been a very interesting one. With a lot of twists and turns, ups and downs. A lot of betrayals but above all triumphs, Read the rest of this entry

The Jonathan Way

1 Sam.14:6 “Let’s go across to the outpost of those pagans,” Jonathan said to his armour bearer. “Perhaps the Lord will help us, for nothing can hinder the Lord. He can win a battle whether he has many warriors or only a few!”

We are truly grateful to God for all that He is doing in us and with us. Just remain plugged into God and your fruit will be undeniable, in Jesus Name. Over the next few days, we will be studying the Bible character called Read the rest of this entry


1 Sam.5:3-4 …So they took Dagon and put him in his place again. But the next morning the same thing happened—Dagon had fallen face down before the Ark of the Lord again. This time his head and hands had broken off and were lying in the doorway. Only the trunk of his body was left…”

No god can stand against the God of creation! None of the gods of Egypt and definitely not Dagon. The Philistines made a huge error, they thought Dagon mighty and it probably was to them. But Dagon could not handle the Read the rest of this entry


Ex.15:11 (KJV) “Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?

No god can stand against the God of creation! We recently looked at 1 Kings 18:20-40a. Elijah challenged Ahab and the prophets of Baal to a contest of gods. So, the children of Israel led by Ahab and the prophets of Baal raised Read the rest of this entry


1 kings 18:30 “Then Elijah called to the people, “Come over here!” They all crowded around him as he repaired the altar of the Lord that had been torn down” (emphasis added).

Today’s scripture reference shows us the process of building an altar. Note that it was done openly and not in secret. All of God’s people should know how to build an altar. There is no hocus-pocus, no secrets; it is not a secret Read the rest of this entry

No Match

Ex.15:11 (ERV) “Are there any gods like the Lord? No, there are no gods like you—you are wonderfully holy! You are amazingly powerful!  You do great miracles!

This is Baal – 1 Kings 18:26-28 “So they prepared one of the bulls and placed it on the altar. Then they called on the name of Baal from morning until noontime, shouting, “O Baal, answer us!” But there was no reply of any kind. Then they danced, hobbling around the altar they had made. Read the rest of this entry

Faith is… Whom!

2 Tim. 1:12 (NCV) “…I know Jesus, the One in whom I have believed. And I am sure he is able to protect what he has trusted me with until that day.”

The first thing faith teaches us is, Faith, Overcomes Fear and Shame. The second thing faith teaches us is, Faith Inspires Boldness But Requires Humility. The third thing faith Read the rest of this entry