No Limits

Ps. 50:10-11 “For all the animals of field and forest are mine! The cattle on a thousand hills! And all the birds upon the mountains!” (TLB]

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is to leave “How” to God. Just leave the “How” to God. As a Pastor, I have had different seasons in my life. Initially, as soon as God speaks to me and tells me the direction, I would be eager to share it. Then I discovered that most people [sincerely] thought that I was crazy. In fact, some people actually called me aside and said, ‘Listen, we love you and that is why we are here. Do not tell us ‘B-I-G’ things that are not possible.’ Today those ‘B-I-G’ things that they were referring to now look so small because God has done them. People would try to constrain even God to their own small thinking. Jesus said, ‘Where can we find bread?’, Phillip responded, ‘We do not have the money.’

Did Phillip even bother to think about who was asking him ‘where’? Many people have short-changed their destinies because they think they need money to fulfil their destiny. A lot of people do not become all that God has called them to be because they think money is a limitation. The day you realize that money is not your problem, that would be the first step to fulfilling your destiny. Money is never the problem. There is nothing we have done for God that we could afford to do. ‘But Pastor we do not have the money. Where is the funding going to come from?’ I will say to my colleague, ‘Relax’, and then I sing a song that my grandmother used to sing. It is a Yoruba song that simply means, ‘God will provide!’ Then miraculously, God provides, and everyone rejoices. Time passes, we hit another project and they are back in my office, ‘Oh Pastor, there is no…’ and just as I am about to start singing my grandmother’s song, they start singing it too. Trust God for the direction and do not worry because God will provide. God always provides. There is nothing we attempt for God that we check the bank balance first, nothing!

Money is not your problem. Money has never been God’s problem. Money is not about to be God’s problem. The day you realize that money cannot limit your destiny, you set yourself free. Do not get me wrong, I am all for contentment. But I need you to know that there is no limitation in God, and I can tell you stories upon stories. William Lane said, “The followers of Jesus should always work at the level of their own inadequacy.” In other words, we should not be satisfied with just doing the things we are good at. We should not be satisfied with being in our comfort zone because miracles happen outside our comfort zone. Most times we struggle to stay in our comfort zone, instead of pushing the envelope and pressing outside of our comfort zone. We do everything to stay in a comfort zone. God is saying to you today, ‘I need you to push the envelope.’ We should leave on the edge such that if God does not show up, we are finished. Not that if God does not show up, we can manage. Faith is if God does not show up, we are actually in trouble.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, please help me focus on God’s limitlessness and help me walk in the reality of having no limits in God, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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