Accept Not Reject

Psalm 20:3 “May he accept all your offerings and be pleased with all your sacrifices.” (GNT)

I have shared this testimony several times but it is really instructive, so I will share it again. I look at some people and I am amazed at the kind of steps they take. A certain woman had three children, male and female, yet she came to meet me,  that she needed a miracle and wanted us to pray. Naturally, I asked what the problem was? She said she wanted a baby boy. What kind of human being is this? I thought. There are people we are still fasting and praying that God will open their wombs and give them a child. Yet, even with three children, she was so persistent. I agreed to pray with her just so that she can go.

Before this happened, she had had all sorts of complications from previous pregnancies. So medically, she was not even supposed to be able to conceive and I knew all that. Yet she said she wanted a boy, so we prayed, and she left. Then she came back with a seed for her son. Honestly, I did not want to receive it because I did not believe. I am just being honest. I am sure you are wondering; Pastor, you did not believe the prayer you prayed? I did not; I prayed so that she can just leave me alone. But at that point, I felt God saying, it is not your call. I said, okay. I received the seed, prayed with her and she left. And not too long after that, she conceived and gave birth to a boy. But that was not all, she conceived yet again, totally unbelievable!

May God accept your sacrifice, because it is not just about bringing a seed to God. May that seed be acceptable by God. Let me tell you another story. Years ago, we were a fellowship about to become a church. And as it is with starting a church, we had a lot of financial needs that we had been praying about. One day, a young man came to the house with a cash seed. If I tell you the amount, you will not believe it, I did not believe it myself. It was a lot of money. And I said to God, ‘Is this how You do miracles?’ I can remember clearly – the man left, I went into the room. And as I was thanking God for it, God said to me, “Give him back his money!” I kid you not. I ran after him, but how do you tell someone God said you should give him back his money? I cannot remember what I told him exactly, but I wiggled my way out. I gave him the money and he left.

Over a year after the church started, the police showed up. ‘We heard that money was given to the church… You call yourself a Pastor and you are collecting fraud money.’ They  insulted us but I was not bothered. I was listening to them and staring at them. When they were done, I asked who they were talking about and they mentioned the man’s name. ‘Where is he?’ ‘Outside.’ ‘Call him.’ I asked him, ‘You brought the money?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘What did I do?’ he said, ‘You gave it back to me.’ The police were ashamed. The point is, he brought the seed, but God rejected it! May God not reject your sacrifices, in the Name of Jesus.

Prayer: Father, I pray that You will accept me and accept my sacrifices, my seeds, and my offerings, and may my sacrifices be pleasing to You, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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