Like A Seed

Luke 13:18-19 “…Do you want to understand the kingdom of God? Do you want Me to tell you what it’s like? It’s like a single mustard seed that someone took and planted in his garden. That tiny seed grew and became a tree so large that the birds could fly in and make their nests…” (Voice)

Yesterday we learnt that the money given to the servants was both a gift and a seed. Similarly, the gifts and wealth that God gives to us is just a seed and it is what we do with it that determines our future. My mind immediately goes to the servants that wrapped up the money and did not do anything with it. They probably just put it under their pillow. They did not even put it in the bank, they did nothing with it. If we knew that it is just a seed, our attitude would change. If we knew that it is just seed, we seek to be profitable with it. We will seek to activate the seed and make it multiply. How does the seed get activated? The seed gets activated when it comes in contact with water. The seed you have is not activated until it comes in contact with water by planting and wetting. Even if all you have is a moist tissue, if you put the seed in it, it will germinate.

So, what is the water for our seed? Some people have sown but they have not received a harvest because the seed is dormant. What is the water that activates our seeds and brings about a harvest? The water is the Word of God. When our seed comes in contact with a Word that we believe and confess over our lives and our situation, the seed is activated. All you need to activate a seed is to expose it to water. In the story in Luke 19:11-13 & 15-26, the seed Jesus gave them is the treasure. The water for that seed is their time and their talent. The time and talent that you apply to the treasure activates the treasure and brings about a harvest.

If you have treasures [a talent, a gift] and you are unwilling to give it your time, you cannot multiply [be productive with] it. Meaning we cannot profitably invest our treasures without giving our time and using our talent. That was the problem with the category of servants that wrapped up the gift. They did not give it their time, their talent of investment, of business, of enterprise, talent of reproducing seed funds. Instead, they just wrapped it up. But when we understand that everything that we are and everything that we have is for God’s glory. It becomes easier for us to apply our time and our talent to the treasures we have been given and then we get the harvest.

There are two Kingdoms in Luke 19:11-13 & 15-26 [please read], the visible and the invisible Kingdom. And Jesus says we are to occupy, establish the invisible Kingdom until He brings the visible Kingdom. How? The best person to teach us how to operate the invisible Kingdom is Jesus Himself. Luke 13:18-19Then he said, “How can I picture God’s kingdom for you? What kind of story can I use? It’s like an acorn that a man plants in his front yard. It grows into a huge oak tree with thick branches, and eagles build nests in it.” (MSG). In this passage, Jesus gives us the keys to occupy. The keys to how to establish the Kingdom.

Prayer: Father, help me identify the gifts and treasures You have given me and help me rightly invest my time and use my talent to activate a harvest of souls, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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