John 9:4 “We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the one who sent us. The night is coming, and then no one can work.”

The King James Version of the same John 9:4 reads, “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” There is an urgency in reaching people for God and in reaching souls for Jesus. There is an urgency in missions, in taking the gospel to unpopular places. The lack of understanding of the urgency of the things of God has actually robbed people of walking into the greatness that God has for them. Please read Numbers 13-14 but I will paraphrase the story for our discussion today. God said to the Jews, go and take the land but before you take the land, send spies so that you will be fired up when you see the kind of land I am giving you. Ten of the spies came back and said that the land is as God said but God did not tell them the whole truth because there are giants in the land. They did not say it like that but that is the implication.

There are giants in the land, and they are bigger than our God so we cannot go. Again, they did not say it like that but that is the implication. Two of the twelve spies said we are able to go but the people grumbled and said Moses had brought them to the wilderness to die. So, they proposed to appoint captains that will take them back after all there are graves in Egypt. Why has God done this to us, and God was looking at them. God said go and take the land and you are saying that your opponent is bigger than you? God says go and take the land, but you are saying your competition is stronger than you? God says go and take the land, they were giving excuses and God kept quiet. Then after a while, they came to Moses and apologized for what they had done. Now they are ready to take the land, and Moses said better stand down because God is not like that. God has not told you to go, and they said but that was just yesterday.

If you check, it was not more than twenty-four hours. It is a season of response; there is a season that God wants you to respond. If you miss that season of response, it can take another forty years. The children of Israel missed a twenty-four-hour window, and it took them forty years to recover. There is a season of response, there is an urgency, you have to respond. Despite Moses’ warning, they appointed captains and went ahead, and they were beaten black and blue. You cannot do things God has said you should not do. God said that generation was going to expire. You will not expire in Jesus Name. I am praying that God’s mercy will prevail, even when we are not sharp enough to enter our window of opportunity. I am praying that even when our own voice of doubt prevails over us that God’s mercy will prevail over our situation and bring us in any way. Yes, it is possible, ask Sarah. She was eavesdropping into Abraham’s conversation with God. Then she lied about laughing but God’s mercy spoke for her.

Prayer: Father, help me fully understand the urgency of the things of God, and please Father, let Your mercy speak for me always, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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