1Peter 4:10 “God has given each of you some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other…” (LB, emphasis added)

God wants us to centre our lives around Him (worship), learn to love His family (fellowship), cultivate spiritual maturity (discipleship), and contribute something back (ministry). How do we serve a God that is invisible? We serve God by serving people. The Word of God says, how can you love a God you do not see when you do not love a man that you can see? (1 John 4:20). Totally impossible. We are here simply because of God’s people, and we serve God by serving people. When I serve you, I am serving God because I am serving you. When I wash your feet, I am serving God because I am serving you. When I love you, I am loving God because I am loving you.

You are a minister, yes you, you are a minister of the gospel. I came across a statistic a while ago that was and still is very alarming. The statistics stated that half (50%) of all New York men die within two years of retirement. Why do they die? It is because we were made to make a contribution. We were not made to sit on big fat pay, drink piña colada, buy an island in the Caribbean, and just enjoy life. That is the recipe for death. We were made to serve and contribute. We were made for meaning and significance. There is no significance without contribution. There is no meaning without contribution.

God has made you so that you can contribute something back. Psalm 116:12What can I give back to God for the blessings he’s poured out on me?” (MSG, emphasis added). The lie a lot of us buy into is, I do not have enough. If I have enough, I will give back to God. And note that I am not referring to your offerings. I am talking about giving your life for service. I am talking about making a difference in another person’s life. Of course, that includes giving but it is far more than that. Significance does not come from status. Significance does not come from salary. Significance does not come from success. Significance only comes from service. Do you feel your life does not have a meaning? Check your contribution.

#5: God Wants Me To Tell Others About His Love. God wants me, as flawed and as imperfect as I am, to tell other people about His love. Amazing! Look at it this way, there are two things that you cannot do in heaven. Number one is ‘Sin’, you cannot sin in heaven. Number two is ‘Evangelize’, you cannot evangelize in heaven. There is evangelism in heaven. So, which of these two has God left you on earth to do? Telling other people about God’s love is a big deal.

Prayer: Father, help me to daily live the life of significance You have for me, to service with all my heart and tell people about God’s unrelenting love, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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