Sustained Traction

Genesis 8:22 “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” (NIV)


God is a God of laws. He established the physical world with physical laws, the same way He established the spiritual world with spiritual laws. In other words, there are physical laws and there are spiritual laws. For you to function on earth effectively, you need to understand the physical laws and operate the physical laws. For you to work successfully in the spiritual realm, you need to understand the spiritual laws and operate the spiritual laws effectively. It is important to understand that money, though can be physical, money is essentially spiritual. Money is spiritual way back from scriptures before digital money. Now it is easy to see that money is not tangible, however, the concept of money remains spiritual.

For you to understand and have a grasp of your finances and have financial traction, you need to understand that money is spiritual. And the same way God governs the physical world with physical laws, God governs the spiritual world with spiritual laws. If you understand the laws of heaven that govern finances, your life will never remain the same again regardless of what people say. For instance, if you want to live healthy, you obey the laws of health. If you want a great relationship, you obey the laws of relationships. If you want great finances, you have to obey the laws of finances.

Your finances are operated from the spirit realm and, you cannot operate in the spirit realm haphazardly. For you to have control of your finances, you need to operate it from the spiritual and this is huge. We pray for financial breakthroughs; we want God to give us a financial breakthrough and that is okay. God loves to do financial miracles. He loves to give us financial breakthroughs. However, a financial breakthrough does not guarantee financial traction. Unfortunately, Christians are living from one breakthrough to another breakthrough.

A breakthrough will not guarantee financial freedom. A breakthrough will not guarantee financial traction. A breakthrough can take you to a new level financially. But a breakthrough will not keep you at that new level financially. What will keep you at the new level financially is the operation of the spiritual laws that govern money. That is what will keep you there. Yes, God can give you a breakthrough, and it takes you to a new level. But what will keep you there is God’s eternal laws of finances. If you operate those laws, your life will genuinely change.


Prayer: Father, I am grateful for the breakthroughs You have given me financially, help me work Your principles to sustain them, in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!


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