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Mark 15:42-43 “It was toward evening when Joseph of Arimathea arrived. He was a respected member of the Council, who was waiting for the coming of the Kingdom of God… so Joseph went boldly into the presence of Pilate and asked him for the body of Jesus. (GNT)


We will kick off today’s devotional with our final thought from yesterday. We said that the Kingdom influence of the Church has been limited through statements like,

‘Do not get involved in politics, it is too dirty’.The truth is, if you know what it is to be a Christian and you know what is happening in politics, you just want to wash your hands and legs and move away from politics. Other Kingdom influence limiting statements are, ‘Do not get involved in politics, it is dirty, and it is no place for Christians.’ Then we leave it for who? Remember, ours as we are going to give to Him is power, riches, strength, honour, glory…

‘Christians should not be in the entertainment industry; it is so worldly. It is too carnal.’ When we do that, we are abdicating our responsibilities, and reducing our influences. If you look at Jesus, Jesus will tell the twelve, ‘I have other disciples, other folks apart from this folk that meet every Sunday. I have the ‘Nicodemuses’ that will not come on Sunday but come at night. I have the ‘Joseph of Arimathea’ that will send emails and I will respond.’ Sometimes, we think our bodies are not important. Our bodies are so powerful and are so important to God, even dead bodies. Why did God have to hide the body of Moses? This is the same body that is going to be translated at rapture. When Jesus died, Peter could not ask for His body.

Where were John, Bartholomew, Thaddeus, James, Thomas, and all the disciples? Where were Mary and the other women? Everybody was hiding. But Joseph of Arimathea, a mountain taker, and a disciple of Jesus, went to Pilate to demand for Jesus’ body. And the way those areas worked; Pilate owed Joseph of Arimathea one so he could not turn down his request. Pilate probably said, ‘Okay, you can have His body but tell your people to secure it, I hear they want to steal the body.’ Joseph of Arimathea took the body of Jesus, Peter could not dare it. Jesus had boys in government, entertainment, business, education, and everywhere. Even today, God has people everywhere.

The challenge we have as the Church is that the people are not trained, they are not equipped. So, we have many people that even though they love God, when they get into these mountains of influence, cannot hold up their own. We are deceiving ourselves to think that on the strength of the gospel of salvation, people can go and take mountains that require the gospel of the Kingdom. Yes, every man will give account, but we can do better as a Church.


Prayer: Father, prepare me for the mountains You have prepared for me, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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