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Ps.16:9-11 “No wonder my heart is glad, and I rejoice. My body rests in safety. For you will not leave my soul among the dead or allow your holy one to rot in the grave. You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever”

Job 15:13 (KJV) “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him…” It is only a child that does things like this. Even while the mother is spanking the child, even though the child is crying, he or she is still saying, Read the rest of this entry

Blessed Assurance

Ps.100:5 (TPT) For the Lord is always good and ready to receive you. He’s so loving that it will amaze you— so kind that it will astound you! And he is famous for his faithfulness toward all. Everyone knows our God can be trusted, for he keeps his promises to every generation!

I want to assure you that God will take care of you. The same God that took care of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. This same God that has an indelible track record will take care of you. Read the rest of this entry

Glory Journey

Ps.18:2 “The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.”

The first doubt buster that Asaph teaches us is, Remember God’s Track Record. The beauty about this is you do not have to dig too deep to access God’s track record.  Read the rest of this entry

Track Record

Ps.136:10-13 (NKJV) “To Him who struck Egypt in their firstborn…And brought out Israel from among them…With a strong hand, and with an outstretched arm…To Him who divided the Red Sea in two, For His mercy endures forever”

Asaph took some practical steps to demolish his doubts. The first doubt buster we see in Psalm 77 is, Remember God’s Track Record.  You and I must remember God’s track record. Read the rest of this entry

Freedom Road

Job 42:5-6 “I had only heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes. I take back everything I said and I sit in dust and ashes to show my repentance.”

The three good sides of doubt are; doubt drives us to God, doubt forces us to wrestle with life’s difficult questions and doubt has the potential of deepening our faith. Read the rest of this entry

The Heart

2 Sam.9:7 “Don’t be afraid!” David said. “I intend to show kindness to you because of my promise to your father, Jonathan. I will give you all the property that once belonged to your grandfather Saul, and you will eat here with me at the king’s table!”

Jonathan as his name suggests, was the gift of Jehovah to David. Inevitably David became a gift of Jehovah to Jonathan and to his descendants. Proving that destiny connections stay true even when you are not present. That is Read the rest of this entry


Heb.13:16 (MSG) “Make sure you don’t take things for granted and go slack in working for the common good; share what you have with others. God takes particular pleasure in acts of worship—a different kind of “sacrifice…” (emphasis added)

Attraction is a very interesting phenomenon. But how does attraction work? Physics tells us that like poles repel and unlike poles attract. But when it comes to life, there are certain things you can do to attract certain things. Read the rest of this entry

GOD’s Heart vs Man’s Heart I

Eph.6:5&9 Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ… Masters, treat your slaves in the same way. Don’t threaten them; remember, you both have the same Master in heaven, and he has no favorites.”

Yesterday, I said that knowing and seeing the injustices of slavery, I struggled with seeing God acknowledge slavery in the Bible (Eph.6:5-9). My struggles made me seek Read the rest of this entry

Watch Out

Gal. 5:9-10 “This false teaching is like a little yeast that spreads through the whole batch of dough! I am trusting the Lord to keep you from believing false teachings. God will judge that person, whoever he is, who has been confusing you.”

One of the things that we should be careful of, as believers, is the leaven – what you eat. In other words, it is not everybody you listen to. Not everyone who calls himself a man of God is actually a man of God. Read the rest of this entry


Eph.5:21 And further, submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. (emphasis added)

We spent the last two days explaining, in line with scripture, what submitting one to another means for the wife. Today, we will focus on what submission means for the husband. Read the rest of this entry