Covenant Carrier II

“In the same way, he took the cup of wine after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant between God and his people—an agreement confirmed with my blood. Do this to remember me as often as you drink it.” 1 Cor.11:25


You are a carrier of the Covenant of Jehovah! Let this very truth strengthen your faith. When God made a Covenant with Abraham, it was limited to the Jews and they still have the Covenant. But when Jesus came, He brought you and I into the same Covenant of Abraham [Please read the Book of Romans]. What I am saying is if the Covenant worked for Abraham, for Isaac, for Jacob, and for Jesus, it will work for you! You need to believe it for yourself because nobody can believe it for you. No matter how much your spouse loves you, he or she cannot believe it for you. No matter how much your Pastor loves you, he or she cannot believe it for you. You have to believe it yourself. Jacob did not have his father with him when he was squatting with Laban. He did not have his mother with him to play tricks for him. Jacob had to believe the Covenant for himself. Just like you have to believe it for yourself. And guess what I discovered about believing? It doesn’t hurt to believe, try it!

Jacob knew he was a custodian of God’s Covenant so he didn’t bother fighting with Laban. Let me elaborate a little more on the story. So Jacob’s agreement with Laban was to get the speckled or spotted and black sheep right? I am certain this fraction was fewer but that night, Laban removed that exact fraction and gave it to his son who embarked on a three days journey immediately. So Jacob was left with nothing. In the physical, that is enough recipe for grumbling and for a law suit. A lot of us are suing people that we have no business suing. Isaac dug a well and they blocked it. He just went and dug another well but they blocked it again. So he just went and dug another well. Because Isaac knew that it was not in the well, it was in him. You are running a business but they take the business from you. Let them take the business; you go and start a better one. They say they want to shuffle people in the office and you are scared, why are you scared? Just go and start a better business that will take over that industry. Just go and do it! How will you know it will thrive? Just believe it! Jesus came to die so that it can happen for you. Laban changed Jacob’s wages ten times but Jacob was still stronger. When he sees the spotted sheep are stronger, he would change the terms of the agreement. And from then on every sheep that was born would be plain. When Laban reversed it again and again every sheep born would be spotted. If you have what you are depending on and it is not man, you will not be afraid what man can do to you. You know what I love about God? He doesn’t need permission from anyone to bless you or me.


Prayer: Holy Spirit, help me walk in the reality of the Covenant of Jehovah, in Jesus Name.


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