Plan For It II

“Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit” 3 John 1:2.


Today’s scripture reference highlights three key areas God wants us to do well in. God wants you and I to prosper and we must embrace this truth. Secondly, God wants us to be in health, embrace it. And thirdly, God wants us to be spiritually sound and spiritually strong, embrace it. However, in these three areas, you must ask the three key security questions which many people shy away from. But our goal is to exit our devotion time each day stronger than we came in. I can assure you that the three key security questions will make you uncomfortable. But as you go through the process, you actually become stronger.

Question #1: Look at specific areas of your life – it could be your spiritual walk, your finances, your health, or your marriage. The question is, what is the worst possible thing that could ever happen in this area? I know for some people their first thought is that is not my portion. I agree it is not your portion but you need to think about it. What is the worst possible thing that can ever happen in your finances, marriage, health, or spiritually? Cover your bases.

Question #2: What can be done to make sure it never happens. What must you do to ensure the worst possible thing does not happen?

Question #3: How do I respond if after doing everything it still happens? Rehearse your response. Dr. Miles Munroe put forward this question, what is that one thing that if it happens it can throw your life off balance? He said for him he would never recover if he were to lose his wife and his children. So he mentally attended their funeral, went through all the emotions and he chose how he would respond. He chose not to curse God but believe God. At the time I heard him say this, it was a lot to take in for me but I had to do it. That is why when things happen people begin to curse God. One of the things that help us to build resistance is readiness. There is no way you can be hundred percent ready of course but you must have done proper scenario planning.


Prayer: Lord Jesus, the grace and wisdom to plan for the good, confront and plan for the bad I ask for, in Jesus Name.

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