Call And Response

“Come close to God, and God will come close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners; purify your hearts, for your loyalty is divided between God and the world” James 4:8.


Life change is like a call and response. It is about you moving towards God and God moving towards you. Guess what? It is your move now. I know that it seems like you are the one making the first move. But that is very far from the truth because God already made His move. So it is your move now. Take the step. God is waiting for you take a step towards Him.

In God’s Favorite House, we are very deliberate about spiritual growth, which is basically helping people take their next steps in God. So what is [or are] your next step? For some of us reading this today, your next step is water baptism. You are saved. You have put your faith in Jesus. You need to take that next step and be baptized in water by immersion. Find out what your local church requires and commit to doing it and getting baptized like Jesus did. For some of us, the commitment we need to make is to go through the spiritual growth program(s) that our church family has put in place.

In God’s Favourite House, we have the New Creation Reality classes and The Journey classes. You have seen and heard the testimonies of the people that have submitted themselves to it. Take the step. Make the commitment. For some, the next step is to have community. You cannot be a lone ranger. You need to be in a community, you need to be connected to your church family. You need to join a Life Group. The reason your walk with God has not gone to the next level is because you have not taken that next step. For some of us, the next step is to serve and it is clear to you that God is leading you in that direction. Take the step.

Find out how you can start serving and just plug in. Yet for some others, the next step is counseling. You need to be counseled through a marital challenge, a financial decision, a business move, or a spiritual grey area. If you do not take the next step, that marriage can crumble. If you do not take that next step, your finances can end up in a mess. If you do not take that next step of seeking help, you may just be facing your Waterloo like Napoleon. I am taking the time to break this down into practical steps because God’s Word is not useful for you if you cannot do anything with it. Identify your next step, it is a step toward God and take it.


Prayer: Lord Jesus, I respond to Your call today and as I move, I trust that You are able to keep me standing and present me blameless before God’s Throne, in Jesus Name.

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