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Dan.9:2 “During the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, learned from reading the word of the Lord, as revealed to Jeremiah the prophet” [with emphasis]


Our scripture reference today shows us that Daniel did not have the answers. But Daniel learned from reading Books – the Word of the Lord in the Book of Jeremiah. Bottom line, Daniel was really smart but he still had to read. Why can’t you read? Contrary to what many people think, reading is not a gift. Reading is a discipline! And if you are not able to read, it shows that you are LAZY! I am speaking like this because I want to provoke you to action.

I told you that I make sure I hang out with billionaires in different currencies every week, sometimes in person and sometimes not in person. But there is really no difference to me because what I need is what they know; not the association. Whether I access what they know by print, or by word of mouth, or by podcast, it is irrelevant. It is what I do with what I have heard and learned from them that is important.

God wants you to learn from the books written by these wise people around you. Let me explain how it works. Heaven is a store house of knowledge and treasures but heaven is not prodigal. Someone must pay the price for it. Guess what? The person does not even have to be a believer; heaven yields to the highest bidder. There are scientists today that paid the price in study, in sacrifice, and in failing and they broke through. So, heaven released the knowledge to them because they have paid the price.

Have you not noticed that if an unbeliever reads his books he will take first place in the examination? You can quote scriptures from now till tomorrow, if you do not read your books you will not access first place. That is how it works; heaven yields to the person that pays the price. Imagine that the price that has to be paid is a ladder; climb to the top and get the prize – and someone has already done it. But someone else decides that he will make his own ladder. When he gets to the top, heaven will say we have already given the information to that other person; go and buy his books.  You have a choice; be prideful and remain where you are or, humble yourself  buy the book and learn from him.


Prayer: Holy Spirit, please lead me to the books I must learn from and as I obey increase my capacity for knowledge, understanding and wisdom, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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