Confront Lies

John 8:32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

One of satan’s main tactic is to lie to God’s people [John 8:44]. Which of the following lies are you most tempted to believe? I urge you to engage this truthfully and prayerfully.

  • God cannot use someone like me. I am too flawed to make any difference for God.
  • Maybe God is not even real.
  • The Bible cannot really be trusted.
  • I cannot serve God until I “make it”, or until I am “sorted”, or until I have been “settled”.
  • I cannot trust God fully with my life because He may not do what is best for me.
  • This life might be all there really is, so let me pursue my own pleasure rather than God’s pleasures.
  • I have been really good this month, so I deserve one little sin.
  • Everyone is doing it, I’d better “wake up” and settle myself.

There are some people that God has called to pastor for instance, but they cannot trust God with their lives because they think God may not provide the quality of life they would like to have. Some people, because they are money motivated, refuse to marry pastors because in their opinion, pastors are never wealthy. A lady said to me that she admits that my wife is really trying because she would not share her own husband with anybody. She would prefer for her husband to be sitting beside her and not devoting hours praying for people. It is a lie of the devil that you cannot trust God to take care of your future, because what God has for you is a billion times better than what you can factor for yourself.

Again, there are people that look at me and because of the fruits of God’s goodness in my life say, they are now willing to take on pastoring. I cringe because they do not even get it. My response to such people is to laugh because I am certain that if I were to show them the path, they would not be able to walk it. A pastor said to me, “You are living my dreams, so you need to tell me what you are doing”, as if it is magic. I said to him, the reason you think I am living your dreams is because all you see is the “glitter” of my life, you are not seeing the pain. Can you pay the price? It is like someone who is not willing to go to medical school for seven years and pay the price, asking a doctor to let him wear his lab coat and stethoscope just because he likes how it looks. Really?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, fill my life with Your truth and let it cut through every lie of the enemy trying to latch unto me, in Jesus Name. Amen

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