Sweet Holy Spirit

Ps. 119:103 (JUB) “How sweet have been thy spoken words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”

Today, we will pick up from our last thought from yesterday’s devotional and that is, “You hold on to the Word until you hear His voice!” A profound truth I had never heard in my over two decades of walking with God. The Holy Spirit Himself said that to me. Guess what? Why people lack confidence is, people hold on to the Word but a lot of the time we do not hold on to the Word long enough to hear His voice, so confidence depletes. But when you hold on to the Word until you hear His voice, you will be oozing with confidence. Guess what happened after my encounter with the Lord. Remember I told you yesterday that the rain that began at two o’clock in the morning did not stop until about eleven in the morning and that was well into the service. But I walked into that service with confidence, even though it was still raining.

The basis of my confidence was, I had heard His voice. By the time that service was over it was clear to everybody present that God had done it again. I had never experienced that level of power before. I was walking on the altar, but it was as if I was floating. Believe me, it was heavenly. I told you that at about four o’clock, it was as if the rain was vexing. Guess what? We had put up tents outside for our overflow and that rain brought them down. But inspite of the torrential down pour and all, we recorded the highest attendance thus far at a God Will Do It Again service. People were trooping in in the rain, it was unbelievable. God will do what He says He will do! God is the only one that is dependable. Has He said a thing, He will do it, inspite of the apparent circumstances.

God showed up to me and he dealt with the source of my anxiety and silenced it forever. You may be experiencing what can best be described as an infestation, like your life is being infested. I announce to you today that God Himself will show up and deal with the source of the infestation in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You can write down todays date. Let’s say it is infested with flies for example, do not bother killing the flies because as God deals with the source the flies will go. The key to experiencing His voice is to be in relationship with Him and have a thriving fellowship with God. Cry out for God’s mercy with a beggar’s humility. Carefully ask Jesus to come into your heart and confidently surrender your life to Christ. Open your heart to the Lord and let Him speak to your heart. I pray that because you have held on to His Word, you will hear His voice.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, how sweet Your voice is to me, it is sweeter than honey to my heart, in Jesus Name. Amen! [paraphrased from Ps.119:103]

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