Matt.16:18 “Now I say to you that you are Peter (which means ‘rock’), and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.” [with emphasis].

Yesterday, we established that what Jesus was saying in this scripture is that, for you to be unstoppable and for you to have your life set up in such a way that the gates of hell will not prevail against it. What must happen in your life must be a personal revelation of who God is, a personal revelation of who Christ is and of what God is doing. Before we can experience the corporate, we have to experience the personal and the intimate. The fact that your father is a bishop does not make you a Christian. The fact that your spouse forces you to go to church does not make you a Christian. You can be in church and not be a part of the church. What makes you a part of the church must happen on a personal level.

This season we are going to be dealing with things in the spirit realm, things that have been put in place to keep you bound for life. We are going to be reaching out, removing them, dismantling them in the Name of Jesus. However, before we can even begin to touch those things that are external, we have to deal with the things that are internal. Unless we move forward on the things that are internal, the things that are external will elude us. The main “show stoppers” are internal. “Show stoppers” are the things that attempt to keep you from fulfilling your destiny. If you can get rid of internal “show stoppers”, the external one will be a breeze. Over the next few days, we will go through a list of internal “show stoppers”. The list is not exhaustive, but I will also be giving you an underlining principle, that regardless of other forms of internal “show stoppers” you may be dealing with, if you apply the principle you will break their backs. I pray that as you do, you will move forward and become unstoppable in Jesus Name.

The first “show stopper” is Stress. While this may not seem like a spiritual thing, but stress actually is. Stress can be a major showstopper; stress has stopped more people from fulfilling their destinies than demons. Do you know that? Stress has terminated people’s lives prematurely more than the enemy in the village. In fact, the main objective of the demons and your enemies is to make sure you are stressed so that you can self-destruct. Stress if a big deal because it affects people’s destinies in an amazing way. You see people that look twice their age because of stress. By the time this season is over, God would have removed those things that will cause stress from your life, in Jesus Name.

Prayer: Father, I open my life to You, purge me completely of stress, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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