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Prov.17:22 “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.”

Today, I will start by giving you some statistics about stress that shocked me, and I am sure will interest you. Stress, they say, is the basic cause of sixty percent of all medical ailment. So, three out of four doctor’s visits are stress related. Removing stress amounts to solving sixty percent of all of all sickness. This also means that the prayer line for people that need healing will be shorter. Which will mean that there will be less work for Pastor, everybody will have less stress. Nigeria’s average male life expectancy the last time I checked, it may have changed, was forty years. Meaning the average Nigerian man is not expected to live more than forty years and that is actually scary. Many of you have broken that barrier already, you can see that you are unstoppable already.

People are dying, you do not just know it, and you are there complaining. May God forgive you. Stress, they say, increases the risk of heart disease. By the way, the number one killer of these men is heart related causes of death. Stress increases the risk of heart disease by forty percent! It increases the risk of heart attack by twenty five percent. Stress increases the risk of stroke by fifty percent, and that is huge! We need to talk about that in church and at our devotions because it is big. If you can take stress out of your life, you will gain some years and inevitably look younger. When you take stress out, a lot of things fall into place. You will be doing yourself a favour, you will be glorifying God because your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Yet a lot of people make statements like, “This is my stress!” or “This thing is stressing me out!” or “This job is so stressful!” That is where you have to feed, and you call it stressful? Some people even say their children are stressful. Really? They are your children, they are going to be with you hopefully till you die and you call them stressful? So, does this mean I am telling you to deny the fact that your spouse is stressful? Not at all, I am simply telling you that you will get what you say. I am sure you want to be all that God has called you to be? But you cannot be all that God has called you to be if you are stressed out. The first thing to check is your language, check your language. Then play a lot, laugh a lot. Play, it is okay to play! You cannot be so serious all the time.  It is okay to play, it is okay to laugh. I play and laugh a lot and you should too because it is scriptural. You need strength to fulfill your destiny. You need your health to enjoy your wealth. You need life to help other people and God is saying, cheer up!

Prayer: Father, I open my life to You, totally purge me of stress, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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