Ps.27:4 (TPT) “…the one thing I seek above all else: I want the privilege of living with him every moment in his house, finding the sweet loveliness of his face, filled with awe, delighting in his glory and grace. I want to live my life so close to him that he takes pleasure in my every prayer.”


I see myself as God’s boy, God’s sheep and freedom for the sheep does not mean running away from the shepherd. In fact, the sheep is only free when it is with the shepherd. We learnt yesterday that one of the major keys to walking in freedom is the presence of the Spirit of Christ. The sheep that is out of the covering of the shepherd may seem free from the pack, but it is food for the foxes. In God’s presence the freedom is unbelievable. So, to think that we need to escape His presence to find freedom is a big-fat-lie. A lie the enemy would want you to believe so that you can be isolated and then he can pounce on you. But you will not buy into that lie, in Jesus Name.

It is important that every sheep knows that it is in His presence that there is freedom. Some people have suffered painful loses in the very early stage of conception. God’s Word to you today is no more miscarriage and abortion. As you make His presence priority, you will carry every seed to full term, in Jesus Name. You know this song; As the deer pants for the water brooks? There is a huge lesson in this song for us. The people from the middle east tell us that the deer gives out a scent. Predators pick up that scent from miles away, track down the deer and kill it. So, the deer searches for the water brook not just to satisfy its thirst but for safety. Safety? Yes, when the deer jumps into the water brook, the water takes over and masks the scent of the deer and so the predators are unable to track the deer. When you are in God’s presence, the “predators” cannot find you. They can sniff all they want but they will not locate you because you are tucked into the Rock. Far away from oppression, far away from manipulation, and far away from every predator.

It is God’s presence that distinguishes us. Moses had to choose between going into the Promise Land with God’s angel and all the goodies that God had promised but without God, or to stay with God. The question to you is, what do you do when the promises of God are sure, but the presence of God is unsure? What do you do when God says you can take the job but He is not going with you? What do you do when God says you can have the promotion you have been killing yourself to have but He not going with you? What do you do when God says go ahead with that marriage you are to desperate for but He is not going with you? Guess what Moses choose? He said, if your presence will not go with us, we do not want to go. I pray that you will prioritize God’s presence over God’s present. I pray that you will prioritize His presence over His promises, in Jesus Name.

Prayer [song]: As the deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after Thee. You alone are my heart’s desire and I long to worship Thee. Amen!

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