No More

Ps.31:20 (AMPC) “In the secret place of Your presence You hide them from the plots of men; You keep them secretly in Your pavilion from the strife of tongues.”

We have experienced true freedom; God has set us free and the shackles are actually broken. However, it is one thing for the shackles to be broken and you are free. But it is a totally different thing for you to get up and go. Today you will get up and go. In many cases, there no shackles anymore because they have been broken. But people are still sitting in the cell, in the dungeon because of the opinions of men.

The opinions of men have kept so many people back, grounded. What will men say? If I open this business, would they say I am greedy for gain? Is that why you are not going to expand your business? If I bring this idea to the table, everyone would say why it is only her? Is that reason enough to cut your destiny short? If I stand, if I am all that God has called me to be, some people would be jealous and angry. In that case, let them drown in their jealousy [say Amen]. You will be all that God has called you to be. You have to set yourself free from the opinions of men, it does not matter. Sometimes, we allow the opinions of men keep us down.

Another thing that attempts to keep us down and keep us grounded, is laziness. The shackles are broken, we have experienced freedom and God has said get up and get going. But because of laziness, we do not move, we sit and wait. God says, “what are you doing?” You say, “I am waiting for a miracle”. God says, “you are the miracle, go and happen to others”. You have the grace and the power of God, when you knock on doors and it appears that the doors are not opening, do not just stand there and wait, break down the door. A Yoruba proverb says, “the grass that attempts to resist the elephant’s movement will get crushed.” In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, every barrier to the fulfilment of your destiny will be totally crushed.

Laziness has kept a lot of people from getting up and doing what they are supposed to do, from engaging as they ought to engage. The shackles are broken, it is time to move but sadly sometimes we do not. In some cases, it is existing covenants that are keeping them grounded. Existing covenants are things that sometimes we did not even consider as an existing covenant, yet such things attempt to hold people down. But because you have come into God’s presence today, it would be broken in Jesus Mighty Name. The shackles have been broken, rid yourself of the opinions of men and of laziness. Now, Arise! Shine! Your light has come; The glory of God is risen upon you!

Prayer [song]: Every high thing must come down. Every stronghold shall be broken. You wear the Victor’s crown. You have overcome, You have overcome. Amen!

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