Rom.2:4 (GW) “Don’t you realize that it is God’s kindness that is trying to lead you to Him and change the way you think and act?” (emphasis added).


We are totally grateful to God for all that He is doing and for unstoppable cheer. I have no doubt that being on this journey over the past few days, has given birth to many changed hearts. However, many people still have not allowed the exchange to happen thereby stopping the joy. You need to allow the exchange after which the joy is inevitable. This joy is not plastic; this joy radiates. Joy inevitably flows when a change has happened, and you allow the exchange to happen.

It is like baking a cake; when you get all the components right, do you have to fast and pray that the cake will turn out right? You do not because it will inevitably turn out right. If something goes wrong, you do not think it is the devil in the village. You simply go back to the recipe to check what you missed. The truth is that life is not by chance and winning is not an accident. Change plus exchange will lead to joy. If you are not getting the expected result, do not blame God or say God does not like your face. Or say the devil in your village is strong. He or she is not strong, he or she is only as strong as you allow, and you empower him or her to be. Go back to the equation, the recipe – CHANGE + EXCHANGE = JOY, inevitable!

When we get the components right, the result is inevitable. It is the same in every field of life. When I write a software and there is a bug in the software, I do not try to bind the devil. I look at the code and I debug the code. When you are trying to bake a chocolate cake, but the thing tastes like buns, you know that you must have missed something in the recipe. The same is true to life; CHANGE + EXCHANGE = JOY.

I was listening to a radio program and the presenter was really going off on people that say, to God be the glory when something good happens to them. In her words, they are minimizing work, capacity and the ‘recipe’. But when something bad happens to them, they say it is the devil, thereby absolving themselves of any responsibility. She kept taking a hit at pastors for not encouraging people to see the value of work. On the surface, what she said sounded bright. But I thought about it and realised that she is as ignorant as the people she is accusing. If you think that everything is God, that is ignorance. To think that the God factor is not a big deal is also ignorance. Read the Bible and understand the scriptures for yourself.

Prayer: Father, I accept and receive the change and exchanges You are orchestrating in my life, and joy unstoppable, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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