John 19:11 “Then Jesus said, “You would have no power over me at all unless it were given to you from above…”

Yesterday, we talked about the glory confusion in the Church and how a lot of people are embracing shame because of ignorance. We need to understand that a man can have nothing except that which is given from above neither power nor glory. If you give money to God, who gave you the money in the first place? There is nothing you and I can give to God that we were not given in the first place. If you give your time to God, who gave you the breath and the life that you are living? It is God. There is nothing that we give back to Him that we did not receive from Him! Nothing is manufactured by us that is of value, so stop all this mediocre thinking.

I was reading the autobiography of some great man of God, used mightily of God. He did not live very long but towards the end of his life, he said that people began to give him glory for the miracles that God was doing through him. So, he was afraid because he knew that his end was near, and shortly after that, he died. The analysis was that the people killed him. But I say, no it was his ignorance that killed him. When Paul came out of the shipwreck and the people started worshipping, what did Paul say? He said, ‘do not worship us, we are ordinary men like you. Worship God.’ That is your responsibility, give glory back to God. You do not begin to declare doom for yourself because people are looking at you. When people look at you, point them to Jesus, that is your job.

Some people are so enslaved in this shame mentality that it is covered in piety. It is just like people that think they are humble, but it is actually ‘humbility’, not humility. In fact, when things are going on well for you and God is beautifying your life, all they can say is, ‘I am afraid for you; all this glory… so that you do not touch God’s glory.’ Shut up! Shut up! You should see the life and say, ‘Father, I give You glory for what You are doing in this life.’ That is being God-conscious not sin conscious or judgment conscious. The telegraph invented by Samuel Morse was huge back in the day. Today we can talk about social media, the internet, the telephone, and about the fax machine because of that breakthrough in communication where a signal can be sent long-distance over a wire with Morse code, and translated to alphabets and then to words.

Morse’s first telegraph was sent from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, and guess what it read? Num. 23:23 “…what God hath wrought.” That is a life that can give glory to God.  If you just sit down doing and achieving nothing, if you do not become all that God has called you to be. Which glory will you give back to God? Is it the glory of your lack of productivity or the glory of your foolishness? Achieve greatness and turn it back to heaven and say, ‘See what God has wrought!’ An unproductive ‘glory-less’ life cannot give glory to God. There will be glory from your life to the glory of His Name.

Prayer: Father, I pray that the fruit of my life will bring You glory, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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