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Gen.18:8 “When the food was ready, Abraham took some yogurt and milk and the roasted meat, and he served it to the men. As they ate, Abraham waited on them in the shade of the trees.”

If it does not cost you anything, it is not going to take you anywhere. True worship happens when we take extreme measures to do things right. No one can be judge over your sacrifice to God because they do not even know where you are coming from. Some random person talking trash on social media should not be able to deplete or shake your faith. They do not know where God took you from, so how can you realign your convictions based on some shallow comments from deeply ignorant people? If it does not cost you anything, it is not going to take you anywhere and the same applies across board in life. True worship happens when you and I take extreme measures to do things right like we see in David’s example.

Secondly, true worship happens When I Get Physically Involved [With My Body]. I do not just send my gifts and give my sacrifices; I get physically involved. 2 Sam. 6:14 “David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might…” (NIV, emphasis added). David danced; he got physically involved. He did not sit on a mobile throne and order servants to sacrifice the bull and the fattened calf on his behalf, as if God were hungry. Not David, he got physically involved. He built the altar, sacrificed the bull and fattened calf, and David danced before the Lord his God with all his might. Mark 12:30And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.” (emphasis added). It is not enough to just send your boys to bring the bull, God wants you to be physically involved. Abraham knew this as we see in the events that occurred in Genesis 18. Though he got his house involved, he did not delegate his own personal involvement.

There are many ways for us to get physically involved in worship. The Bible is filled with a lot of examples of how to get physically involved in worship. Sitting [1 Chr.17:16, please read]. Walking [Ps.48:12, please read]. Jumping [Acts 3:8, please read]. Eyes down [Luke 18:9-14, please read]; the tax collector that could not even look up at Jesus. Kneeling [Psalm 95:6b, please read]. Clapping [Psalm 47:1, please read]. Standing [Psalm 33:8, please read]. Dancing [Psalm 149:3, please read]. Bowing [Ps.138:2, please read]. Eyes up [Ps.121, please read]. Face down [2 Chr.7:3, please read]. Lifting hands [Ps.63:4, please read]. Prostrate [Psalm 5:7-8, MSG, please read]. If getting physically involved in worship were not important, God will not put it in His Word.

Your homework today is to search through the scriptures and find out for yourself other ways to get physically involved in worship. Search for examples of people that got physically involved in worship and see what you can learn from their stories. Search for other scripture references for  today’s list given and also see what you can learn from them.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, I ask for the grace to consistently have this consciousness  of worship so that my worship unto God will indeed be true worship, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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