Who He Is, II

Ps. 145:3 The Lord is GREAT. He is worthy of our praise. No one can understand how great he is.” (ICB, emphasis added).

The first reason why my life and your life should give God thanks is Because Of Who God Is. God is GREAT, God is HOLY, God is LOVE, and God is JUST. Does that mean God is fair or is God unfair? Some people think that God is unfair even though they are afraid to say it for fear of being struck by lightning. Experientially and consistent in scriptures, if you walk with God, you will discover that God does not necessarily seek to be fair. God is just. To be fair is to treat everyone equally, God does not treat people equally. God can give a thousand people for one person’s life. Is that fair? In fact, God has favourites, is that fair? The truth is God does not answer to anybody. I would rather seek to be one of His favourites instead of worrying about Him not being fair. God actually has favourites.

Jesus does not treat all His disciples the same. Out of the seventy He chose twelve, is that fair? Guess what? Some of the twelve were illiterates who did not go to Bible school, so they do not even qualify. Is that fair? Luke, one of the five hundred and seventy, was not part of the twelve. Luke was a medical doctor, more qualified than a fisherman called Peter. Is that fair? Among the twelve, Jesus will say to nine, you stay here, and He will call three to go further with Him. What have the remaining nine done that they cannot follow Him? Is that fair? Among those three, they know that if Jesus wants to whisper something, Peter knows He will not tell him. So, Peter does not even bother, he just tells John to go and ask Jesus because he knows Jesus will tell him. If you relate with God as a fair God, you are going to have a lot of problems and you are going to struggle. God is not fair, but God is just. So, stand on the side of His justice.

When God looks at you, to favour you is justice to God because Jesus paid the price on the cross of Calvary. Therefore, it will be an injustice for God to deny you what Jesus has already paid for. God is just. So, we praise Him for who He is; God is GREAT, God is HOLY, God is LOVE, God is JUST, God is GOOD. Ps.54:6 “…..I will thank the Lord, because he is good.” (NCV, emphasis added). What we have with God is a relationship and we thank Him because He is good. If you are in a relationship with somebody that has a good heart, your life will be good. They  are not perfect, but when the person makes a mistake, he or she will be making a mistake from a good heart. So, the person will always do you good. But if you are in a relationship with a wicked person, even when they do you good, there is a catch. Mostly, in scriptures, God does not promise to make us better. He says I will give you a new heart, I will put a new spirit within you. The reason is our hearts are hearts of stone, so God says He will give us a heart of flesh and give us His Spirit, His willing Spirit. Even though no one is good, but He will make you good.

Prayer: Father, I praise You because You are great, You are holy, You are love personified, you are just and God, You are good and Your goodness does not expire, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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