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Heb.11:6 “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” (NIV)

Beginning today, and over the next couple of days, we trust that God Himself will lay His hands upon us and give us the second touch in the Name of Jesus. The story is told of a little boy named Johnny who likes to exaggerate situations. For instance, when he is given an assignment to write about his weekend, Johnny will tell a very flamboyant story. For example, my dad and I went fishing and we caught a whale. I actually caught the whale with my fishing line and my dad had to help me pull it in. And his teacher said, Johnny, you know that did not happen. But he insisted that it really happened. The teacher said, ‘What if I told you that on my way to school today, a huge lion came out to attack me. But just as I was about to turn and run, a little dog ran out from the corner and killed the lion. Would you believe that Johnny?’ He was excited and with his face  beaming he said, ‘Yes, I will believe it because that is my dog’.

Like Johnny, many people think that they need to exaggerate, and they actually own characters in exaggerated stories to make it look real and give authentication to it. However, God does not need us to exaggerate or embellish stories of His miracles for people to believe His miracles. God does miracles; God is in the business of doing miracles. Some Christians and perhaps Preachers feel the need to tell a flamboyant story and own the characters in it until they cannot distinguish the real from the fake characters. But that is not God; God can make you catch a whale with a fishing line, and it would be a legitimate miracle. You do not need to make up stories to make God look good. God is a God of miracles. One major question I get asked by my Pastor friends or Christians from the West is why do Christians in the Western part of the world experience fewer miracles than those in Africa, in Asia, or the Latinos? The truth is, it is because they do not feel that they need God.

The father of modern philosophy, Aristotle, stated that seeing is believing. Jesus taught the opposite, Jesus said believing is seeing. The foundation of certain societies separates the Church (spirituality, faith) and the state. But the truth is, there is absolutely nothing like that. You cannot separate the secular from the spiritual. Africans, Asians, Latinos easily see that the supernatural and the natural are integrated and they co-exist. As Christians, we need to ensure that we are not deceived. The supernatural is real and obviously influences the secular. As we go about our lives, we must understand that God is a Spirit, He exists, He wants to participate in the State and influence policies. Think about it, if faith is removed from businesses, homes, and schools, what darkness takes over. Christ is light and when Christ is removed, when light recedes, darkness happens [Read John 8:12]. However, we need faith to access this light because whoever comes to God must believe that He exists.

Prayer: Father, let my life be proof of Your existence, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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