James 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift is from… the Fatherwho does not change like shifting shadows.” (NIV, emphasis added).

What kind of Father is God? God is a caring and consistent Father. The truth is that inconsistent fathers produce insecure children. When you see insecure children, check, they often have inconsistent fathers. Remember the statistics we shared some days ago? They were very disturbing. Yet there is so much pressure on families to become fatherless. The Word of God says in 2 Timothy 2:13Even if we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot disown Himself.” (NIV, emphasis added).That is the God that we serve, whose family we belong to. Even when you fall short, even when you feel you are not doing well as a parent, God remains faithful to you. Even when you think you are not doing well as a spouse, God remains faithful to you.

Why does He remain faithful to you? He remains faithful to you because of Himself — because you flow from Him. He cannot disown Himself. That is big. The story is told of a lady whose father was high on drugs and strangled his wife, her mother, to death. She was just a little child, but she saw the entire thing. And she grew up hating God and running from God. When she finally found God and understood God’s love, she said to her Pastor, ‘I think about my earthly father as someone who took away what no one can give me. But when I think about my heavenly Father, I know He is Someone who can give me what no one can give me.’

Romans 11:29God will never go back on His promises.” (LB, paraphrased, emphasis added). The New Century Version puts it this way, Romans 11:29God never changes his mind about the people he calls and the things he gives them.” (emphasis added). There were seasons when I struggled with certain things in my life, wrestling with God. And I felt God say to me, ‘I am not changing My mind about you. I am not going back on the promises I made to you.’ I still felt the pain, but I held on to the promise. God will never change His mind about you, He will never go back on the promises He has made to you. God is a consistent Father, totally consistent!

Research shows that one of the greatest causes of resentment and rebellion in children is broken promises. When you make a promise to a child, and you break that promise, it can cause rebellion in that child. If you make a promise to your child, do not break it. Psalm 59:10My God is changeless in His love for me…” (LB, emphasis added). God, our Father, is changeless in His love.

Prayer:  Father, I celebrate Your changeless love and faithfulness towards me. Lord, I rejoice in You, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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