Study + Recall = Thrive

Prov.19:8 (GN) “Do yourself a favour and learn all you can; then remember what you learn and you will prosper  [with emphasis].


I would like us to start today’s devotion reading a procrastination poem that I came across.

I’ve gone for a drink & sharpened my pencils.

Searched thru my desk for forgotten utensils

Reset my watch and adjusted my chair,

Loosened my tie and straightened my hair

Filled my pen and tested the blotter,

Gone for another drink of water

Adjusted the calendar, raised the blinds,

Sorted erasers of different kinds

Now down to work I can FINALLY sit;


Get to work and improve your skills. Pr. 28:19 (GN) “… People who waste time will always be poor” [with emphasis]. When I first came across this Scripture, I made deliberate effort to get a grip on my time. The truth is that you cannot do anything against God’s Word. If prayer alone could make people rich, the people in Nigeria will be the richest in the world because, we pray. It is good to pray and we will continue to pray, but prayer alone is not enough. People who waste time will always be poor. Do not waste time!

The saying “Time is Money” is one that a lot of people have embraced. Whereas, the reality is that time costs more than money. To say time is money is to downgrade your time. You can make more money but you cannot make more time. Money lost can be recovered but time lost can never be recovered. Time is more important than money. Many of us will not consider ourselves as thieves but, if your job is a nine to five and you are wasting office hours on social media sites, instant messaging, you are actually stealing your employer’s time.

God’s Word says, “Do yourself a favour and learn all you can; then remember what you learn and you will prosper.” The issue most times is we do not learn all we can and even when we do, God says it is not enough. You need to remember what you learn. Put pressure on your mind to sharpen that skill, learn all you can and remember what you have learnt and you will prosper. I pray that you prosper, in Jesus Name.


Prayer: Lord, in line with Your instruction, I will do myself a favour and learn all I can, remember what I have learnt so that I will prosper, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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