Ex.20:3 “You must not have any other god but me.”


When we begin to flirt with ideas that the enemy wants us to flirt with, we open our hearts to compromise. When you toy with the idea of keeping secrets, you are asking for trouble. Unfortunately, sometimes when the Living God does not fit where people want to go, they find themselves desperately looking for other gods they can mould into their lifestyle. People want to create a god in their own image, to suit their own lifestyle.

People have demanded that I give them a scriptural reference that says, do not marry a second wife. They say, ‘Where is it written, “Thou shall not marry another wife”? The Bible only says thou shall not commit adultery. I need to marry another wife so that I will not commit adultery.’ Even if such men are to marry four wives, they will still do what they want to do. Ask Solomon, the three hundred wives he had were still not enough, and so, he went ahead to have seven hundred concubines. These stories are in the Bible as instructions to us, that when it comes to satisfying self, nothing is ever enough.

Even when I show some people the principle and the sanctity of marriage, some actually create their own theology that allows them to marry another wife. Why? It is because the God of Bible that they have been introduced to, does not fit what they want. So they create a god, an ideology, that will suit their lifestyle. This is the confusion of the world. The first battle Adam and Eve had was the battle with God and not a battle with satan. The devil was only able to lure Eve by suggesting that God was too restrictive [please read Genesis 3:1-5].

The devil will suggest the same to you; ‘How can God give you something and say you cannot touch it? Look at all those people touching it, nothing has happened. You can touch it, nothing will happen!’ Meanwhile, it is the same devil that will accuse you before God. Anytime you question God’s intention, you open the door for satan to come in. The first commandment has no room for ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ or ‘when’ or for ‘if God does this… then’.


Prayer: Father, I declare in the Name of Jesus, that You alone will be my God and God to my children and children unborn. We will serve no other God but Yahweh, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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