Let it go!

Ps. 37:8 (GW, emphasis added)Let go of anger, and leave your rage behind. Do not be preoccupied. It only leads to evil.”


The word resentment is from the root word ‘re-sentio’ and it means ‘to cut again’. So, when you repeat or rehearse the hurtful words to yourself, you are cutting yourself again. The person has said what he or she said, and they have moved on. But you are resenting them, you are rehearsing it, you are cutting yourself again. Every time you rehearse it, you allow the past to control your present and influence your future – every time! Every time you playback what your father, or mother, or brother, or sister said to you that was hurtful, you are giving your past power over your present and influence over your future. But every time it wants to play, you stop it and you play the good words, you are cutting off from the pain of the past, you are giving yourself a chance in the present, for a bright future.

We need to understand this because when we do, so many things will fall into place. Stop rehashing it, stop reliving it. The person that said it, let it go! If you let it go, what will happen, is there any risk? Forgetting? Exactly, you should forget. The truth is that there are actually people who do not want to forget. If you are one of such, then you need to know that the problem is not the person that hurt you, the problem is you. You have a heart issue. You want to keep it fresh before you so that you will know how to deal with him or her, right? One of my strengths [it is also a weakness], is that I forget hurtful things easily. Ninety percent of the fights in my house growing up had yours truly in the middle. Let’s say the fight happens in the morning when it is time to relay what happened in the evening, all I can remember is I punched someone.

Sometimes, I just notice that the people around me are being unnecessarily careful. I observe it but I ignore and move on with whatever I am doing. They watch me for a while and then ask, “You are not angry?” “Angry?” “About what I did.” “What did you do?” Some will then proceed to remind me and apologize, and others will prefer not to. Honestly, I just do not remember. It is a weakness because you should remember some things. Particularly, when you are hurt and there is a lesson to learn. You should learn the lesson and let the hurt go. I pray God blesses you with this gift He has blessed me with. Sometimes, people read meaning to my behavior, meanwhile, I do not even remember what they did. They believe I am doing certain things because I am angry with them. Meanwhile, I do not even remember.

Your past cannot hurt you anymore if you let it go. In other words, if you let your past go, it cannot hurt you anymore. Ps. 37:8 (GW, emphasis added)Let go of anger, and leave your rage behind. Do not be preoccupied. It only leads to evil.” You must be able to let it go. God’s Word says let it go – so, just let go!  Let it go – no conditions attached. Let it go!


Prayer: Father, I ask that You purge my heart completely of resentment. I choose to cut off from the pain of the past and walk into my bright future, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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