Faith Moves

Matt. 5:8 When you get your inside world—your mind and heart—put right, then you can see God in the outside world.” (MSG).

Your heart and your mind determine what you see through your eyes. It is not your physical eyes that determine what you see. It is your heart and your mind that determines what you see not your eyes. The solution to having the inside world, the heart, and the mind put right is Jesus. It is only Jesus that can give you clarity. I know that as far as we are on this side of eternity, we will not have all the answers. Having clarity does not mean you will have all the answers. Having clarity just means that you know what to do next.  You do not have all the answers, but you know what to do next.

One day we will see everything with perfect clarity. Then we will know everything completely, just as God knows us now.” [1 Cor.13:12 paraphrased] But until that day when we see everything with perfect clarity. Until that day when we will know everything completely as God knows us now, until then, we follow Jesus one step at a time. Having to disciple people, I observed that people have a lot of questions. But I see people struggling because they try to answer all their questions before they take their next step in God. People want to have all the boxes checked before taking their next steps in God. I say to them and I am saying to you something that is the truth of my life also, you do not need to have all the answers before you can take your next steps in God. You do not need to have all your questions answered before you can trust God. You do not!

Someone once asked me if I had the same questions that he was faced with. I said I had the exact same questions and he was curious to know how I overcame that phase of my life. Then he said something that was very interesting. He said, “Looking at you, it is as if you do not have any questions. It is as if you have all your questions answered.” I laughed, then I said, “Not at all. I have a lot of questions. In fact, when I see Jesus, we will go for lunch, sit down, and have a conversation.” And he said, “Really?”, I said, “Yes.” Then he asked me how I moved past it. I said, “I walk with the light I know, I trust God, and I take the next step.”

In fact, there were questions I had ten years ago that really bothered me. But I trusted God and I took my next step in what I know. Guess what? In taking my next step, light came for the questions I was asking. Interestingly, I did not even know when the questions were answered. I just knew the answers to them because I obviously grew in God. If I had not taken that step, insisting that I will not move until I get all my questions answered, I will never get the answer because some answers are only available at certain levels. If you do not take steps to get to that level, you will not get the answers to those questions at your current level.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I admit I have many questions and I do not know what lies ahead. But I put my trust in You and I follow You one step at a time, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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