Clear Confidence

John 3:36…whoever accepts and trusts God’s Son gets in on everything, life complete and forever! (But) the person who avoids and distrusts God’s Son is in the dark and doesn’t see life…” (MSG, paraphrased, emphasis added)

Our walk with God is a walk of faith. When you step out and walk with God in faith, God gives you clarity. When clarity comes, you take your next step. Some answers are waiting for you on step five, but you are on step two. God says, take the next step, move to step three. But you are insisting on getting answers now. God says the answers will not come until you take the next steps. So, you take step three, four, and step five and boom! The answer comes. Then you see someone on step one insisting that he or she must get the answers of step five now. What do you do? You smile because you know that they are immature. So, you encourage them to take the next step, to move forward regardless and God will be waiting for them at the requisite level.

John 3:36…whoever accepts and trusts God’s Son gets in on everything…” Do you want to get in on everything? Do you want to be in that place where everyone is struggling but you are not because you have been handed the secrets and the answers to the tests of life? God’s Word says, “…whoever accepts and trusts God’s Son gets in on everything…” For some reading this today, the step you need to take is to accept and trust God’s Son and there is no time like now! Accept and trust God’s Son and clarity will come into your life in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Because when Jesus gives you a fresh start, the first thing is you get new clarity.

When Jesus gives you a fresh start, the second thing you get is New Confidence. Jesus does not only give you clarity, He gives you confidence. Loads of people are low on confidence and the reason is they are basing their confidence on the wrong things. They are basing their confidence on their achievements. The challenge with basing your confidence on your achievement is, there will always be someone that has or will achieve higher than you. Or the enemy will make people that have not even achieved as much as you have, look even better than you. Then your confidence drops, and you feel you need to achieve more. Sometimes, we base our confidence on our acquisitions. You plan to get to church early so that you can show off your new limited-edition expensive car. But just as you are driving into the parking lot, you see an even more expensive car cruising in. Then confidence drops because it was based on an acquisition.

The worst thing of all to base your confidence on is appearance. You have fixed the lashes and you are planning to storm church with it. But just as you get to the church door, you see one of the ladies on the welcome team with longer and fuller lashes than yours. What happens? Confidence drops and you feel deflated because you based your confidence on appearance. It is a horrible place to be. Do not base your confidence on achievements, acquisitions, or appearances. Base your confidence on God. 1 Cor. 10:12 “…Forget about self-confidence; it’s useless. Cultivate God-confidence.” (MSG).

Prayer: Jesus, I accept, and I trust You; I put my confidence in You alone, In Jesus Name. Amen!

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