Close Enough

Isaiah 30:21 “Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go,” whether to the right or to the left.”

For someone to speak into your ears, the person has to be close to you. And if the person is speaking into your ear, most likely, he or she will not be shouting. God whispers because He is always close. God is closer and more intimate than you think. Imagine a married couple is in bed and about to drift off to sleep. Then the wife wants to speak to the husband about something and she starts screaming at the top of her voice. How would the husband who is right beside her react? Or it is the husband who insists on shouting, ‘I love you, good night!’ when he is right beside his wife. Both scenarios are odd.

God whispers because He is close. How close is He? He is as close as your breath. God will not shout because God is near. Every time I hear God whisper, I am comforted that He is near. God only needs to shout to people He is far away from. When God does not shout at me, I am comforted that He is near. So, why do we want the opposite? Elijah means my God is my breath. God was near but Elijah did not recognize it. God was near yet Elijah was looking for the spectacular. For you and I, God is near to us. Before you came into His presence today, God whispered something to you. Even while you are here now, He is whispering to you.

For some of us, God is saying, “Did I not tell you?’ God whispers because He is near. And that is super comforting. The devil shouts his lies, but God whispers His truth. The devil needs to shout his lies, but God just needs to whisper His truth and it is the truth that can set you free. Are you broken-hearted today? God is close to broken-hearted. Have you been let down by somebody that you trusted? God wants to mend your heart today. Do you feel you have been crushed? God wants to put you together. Do you feel you have been struck down? God will not abandon you in the Name of Jesus.

There is an equation that I want to leave with you… Yes, an equation because it is good to think mathematically. The equation is Your Experience plus God’s Presence equals Enough (Your Experience + God’s Presence = Enough). When God’s presence mixes with your experience, you have more than enough. Your life is full, your joy is full. It is God’s presence that actually makes you joyful. It is God’s presence that actually makes your joy full.

Prayer: Father, Your whisper brings me comfort and confidence knowing that You are near. My ears will catch Your whispers and I will hear You clearly, in Jesus Name. Amen

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