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Ps. 121:1-2 “I look up to the mountains—does my help come from there? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth!”

Beauty for ashes is a way of saying that God will do in your life a glorious transformation. Situations that appear hopeless, situations that appear useless, situations that appear frustrating, God will turn all such situations around and make it glorious in the Name of Jesus. If you have perhaps one of such situations in your life, then I am excited because you are about to witness a transformation. Even if you do not and everything in your life is rosy, I am certain that your family, community, nation will experience beauty for ashes in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

For that to happen, God has to help us. When God helps a man, it is usually clear that God is helping this person. If we look at your life and look at you and we are able to say he or she is strong, talented, and brilliant enough to do what he or she is doing. Then you have not even started. But when we look at you and look at what God is doing in your life, we should be able to say, someone is helping this man or woman. God created us for connections. God made us in such a way that we need one another. God made us in such a way that we cannot exist outside of one another. Everybody needs help. Even the little boy or girl that is just coming into their own; they do not want you to help them wear their socks or help them wear their school uniforms. They do not want you to help them do so many things because they want to do it by themselves. But they will discover that they cannot get to school by themselves.

There are things and there are levels that you cannot get to without help. Some things will just not happen until you get help. I am praying that your life will be characterized by help from heaven in the Mighty Name of Jesus. In fact, how far you go depends on the quality of help available to you. If you see someone that appears to be going far, the person has quality help. If you see someone that is intelligent, has a good degree, nothing is going on – no help! However, because of how pivotal help is, we sometimes look for help in the wrong places. A lot of people are looking for help in the wrong places; people go to all sorts of shrines to get help. People join all sorts of cults just to get help. They say, if you do not belong to this fraternity, you cannot progress. The fraternities suggest that if you do not have a pact with them, you cannot progress.

Someone we were working with spiritually some time ago,  told us about how he was about to close a huge deal worth billions of dollars. But the vice president of one of the most powerful nations in this world said to him that they would like to give him the contract, but they only deal with their brothers. Long and short, they wanted him to join their cult. They said they only watch out for each other in the cult and they do not kill people. He was obviously conflicted because he was a believer. But that night in his hotel room, Jesus came to him physically and said, “Do not sign it, I will help you.” The truth is, there is no help apart from God.

Prayer [song]: My help, my help, my help. All of my help cometh from the Lord. Amen!

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